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Giving CBD to Cows and Steers?

Giving CBD to Cows and Steers?

A study published last spring by the Kansas State Veterinary College in the United States showed that CBD-rich hemp reduced stress, respiratory infections and made it easier to wean livestock off the farm. The research team also noticed improved hormonal health, the steers/cows spent significantly more time lying down than before, suggesting relaxation.

Why give CBD to Cows?

Why give CBD to Cows?

The study involved 16 steers and was presented by Mike Kleinhenz , associate professor of bovine medicine at K-State College of Veterinary Medicine .

It is a public university located in the United States in the small town of Manhattan, Kansas.

Many studies have highlighted the anxiolytic and protective role of CBD in humans , but this time the issue is animal health. The study focused on a herd of 16 cows divided into two groups: the control group received their usual feed and the second a hemp-based mixture rich in CBD.

To be completely precise, it should be noted that the CBD contained in the plant and therefore in the feed of these cows is in its natural acid form, namely CBDA.

After receiving a $200,000 grant from the United States Department of Agriculture, extensive monitoring of Holstein cows began in Kansas.

The researchers measured enough cannabis to provide each of the steers with a daily dose of 5.5 mg of CBDA per kilogram of body weight . The team of scientists monitored the progress of the study by observing the animals' behavior and regularly taking blood samples from each subject.

Like humans, stressed cattle are more prone to disease . Farmers have found that stress increases when animals are weaned from their mothers or, more frequently, during transport.

Blood samples were analyzed for levels of cortisol and prostaglandins, common biomarkers of stress levels. As expected, cattle fed CBD showed lower levels of these markers.

This study suggests that animals with CBD intake were less stressed than their counterparts. The cattle also spent more time lying down than the control group, further supporting the relaxation and well-being hypothesis .

It also turns out that cattle absorb hemp and cannabinoids particularly well. According to the study, there is no trace of the cannabinoids, considered psychoactive in the plant, in meat and milk.

What American farmers probably have in mind is the reclamation of industrial hemp waste. With the announced return of the massive consumption of hemp and CBD, more and more raw materials can be used for the nutrition and health of livestock.

In the meantime, we must not forget that in the United States, the Food and Drug Administration still prohibits American farmers from giving hemp to their animals.

Should I give CBD to my cows?

Should I give CBD to my cows?

I remind you that this study is made on raw hemp therefore containing CBDa and not transformed into CBD as in what is found in oils for anomalous for example,

however, CBD is already widely used for dogs and cats with very good feedback on the treatment of stress and pain such as osteoarthritis for dogs,

CBD Oil is also sold for horses for the treatment of stress and other conditions, with positive feedback as well.

So if you decide to give CBD to your cows or cattle, it may be wise to use it for specific times such as during weaning, or for transporting your animals .

What dosage should I give my cows?

You should not dose the CBD to your cows as you would for your dog, cows like horses are more sensitive to drugs or food supplements, so I advise you if you want to carry out the experiment to read this article to know the doses of CBD to give.


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