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Therapeutic Health Benefits of Honey and Cannabidiol CBD

Therapeutic Health Benefits of Honey and Cannabidiol CBD

Bee derivatives have been used for over 8,000 years due to their significant benefits to our body. They are antiviral, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and highly nutritious products. Discover the properties and benefits of bee derivatives.

What are bee derivatives?

Honey, beeswax, propolis and royal jelly ... Each of these substances has a function for the hive and has various benefits for humans. These bee derivatives are derived from the natural activity of bees and many of them have been collected and used by humans as medicinal therapies for over 8,000 years.

The history of the use of honey and its derivatives?

from primitive beekeeping to sustainable beekeeping.

The most primitive beekeeping that we know of dates back to periods before 8000 BC It was wild beekeeping, in which the hives were made of mud, straw or empty tree trunks. . In summer, the honey was collected and separated from the wax.

cbd honey
Egyptian civilization used honey derivatives not only as food, but also for medicine, funeral rites and as gifts to the gods. It was believed that the tears of Ra (God of the sun) turned into bees when they hit the ground.

During the 16th and 17th centuries, many essential tools for contemporary beekeeping were developed as a standardized model of hives and the creation of smokers.

cbd honey

Currently, beekeeping has become a globalized and highly competitive sector where obtaining material predominates. Are bee populations declining? every year and the species is more threatened than ever by factors such as: pesticides, habitat destruction, pests and invasive species.

cbd honey

Sustainable beekeeping emerged as a way to protect and increase its population, ensuring animal welfare. With the help of a vast network of conscientious consumers and users, sustainable beekeeping can break through competitive margins and enable a brighter future for bees.

What are bee derivatives? What are the benefits of honey or wax? Where do royal jelly and propolis come from? Is it good to consume pollen?

Where Does Honey Come From?

Honey is a viscous, sweet fluid produced by bees of the genus Apis, specifically honey bees. This honey is produced from the nectar of flowers and is transformed when combined with substances from bees, which are deposited and stored in the combs.

There are several varieties of honey depending on the plant origin, the most common being rosemary, thyme, eucalyptus, lavender, chestnut, orange blossom and orange blossom.

The Benefits and Properties of Honey:

  • Antibacterial : Honey contains inhibins and glucose oxidase which act as a bactericide. These properties make honey an ideal natural exfoliant for treating acne .
  • Antiviral + Antifungal : Honey has antiviral and antifungal properties that can boost our immune system .
  • Antioxidant : honey prevents the formation of oxides and slows cell breakdown. It therefore greatly benefits the immune system and can prevent heart disease.
  • Anti-inflammatory : Honey is a powerful anti-inflammatory that reduces and relieves the pain of inflammation . It acts both locally on muscles and joints and by ingestion.
  • Moisturizing and repairing : It is ideal for hydrating and repairing the skin, but also for hydrating our hair and scalp.
  • Natural healing agent for wounds and burns : Its antiseptic properties reduce the risk of infections, as it is rich in enzymes and amino acids, it promotes the growth and repair of wound and burn tissue.

What vitamins and substances does honey contain?

Honey contains vitamins such as:

Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, Vitamin C, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B3 (Niacin) and Vitamin B6.

Carotenoids, Flavonoids such as: pinocembrine and acacetin
Acids such as: Fatty Acids, Pantothenic Acid, Phenolic Acids, Abscisic Acid, Ferulic Acid

How to use Honey?

Topical use of honey:

Honey applied to the skin as a facial mask repairs and nourishes our skin, cleanses it of bacteria and disinfects it. This is why honey is a natural remedy for treating acne.

Use two tablespoons of honey to spread it evenly on your face, then wait for 20-30 minutes and wash it off with lukewarm water.

Honey applied to wounds and burns disinfects and promotes the tissue repair process.

In addition, honey is a much cheaper substance than other drugs. Cover the surface and depth of the wound or burn with honey daily.

Use by ingestion of honey:

Ingested organic honey (free of dyes, additives, and aromatic compounds) contains vitamins and minerals that help restore sleep, reduce metabolic stress, improve brain function, and even boost our immune system.

However, it should be taken into account that honey contains 80% sugars and contains 320 kcal per 100 grams, so its intake should not be abused.

Honey and CBD from the Beemine laboratory

The honey with which we make our products is organic rosemary honey from the Sierra de Madrid.

cbd honey

It is a honey obtained with sustainable extraction methods that guarantee the well-being of the bees.

Hani + : Honey with CBD, the perfect fusion of the benefits of cannabis and beekeeping.

Where does beeswax come from?

cbd wax bees

Beeswax is an animal secretion produced voluntarily by the wax glands of worker bees. The wax emerges from the bee's abdomen, then it is chewed into the fancy hexagons that make up the honeycomb.

Benefits and properties of beeswax:

Antibacterial : Like honey, beeswax kills bacteria.
Antiviral + Antifungal : Like honey, beeswax can kill mold (and other fungi) and prevent cold sore outbreaks.
Anti-inflammatory : Wax reduces inflammation thanks to its emollient and anti-inflammatory properties.
Antioxidant : prevents the aging of skin cells.
Nourishing : Beeswax nourishes and moisturizes the skin, which is why it is frequently used in lip balms and creams.

How to use beeswax:

Topical use of beeswax:

It is common to find beeswax in many cosmetic products due to its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that take care of our skin and prevent aging. You can take a quantity of beeswax adapted to the area to be treated with your fingers and use it directly on the condition of your skin.

Other uses of beeswax:

Beeswax is a remedy for sinusitis or asthma. Some food supplements and pharmaceutical products contain beeswax. Beeswax is also used in medicine for the preparation of ointments and grafts due to its anti-inflammatory, healing and emollient properties.

With beeswax, candles are also made that create little smoke and have a very pleasant aroma.

Products with The Beemine Lab with beeswax

cbd lips

CBD lip balm is made with beeswax and other ingredients such as avocado oil, hemp seed oil, and cocoa butter. These ingredients make lip balm with CBD a highly restorative remedy for dry lips and sensitive areas.

The CBD moisturizer also contains beeswax, it is a cream with a light texture, which is easily absorbed, nourishing our skin and protecting it from aging.

Emergency Balm: Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, Emergency Balm contains beeswax which, along with other components, soothes and reduces muscle inflammation.

Other bee derivatives not present in our products:

Propolis ?

Propolis is a substance derived from the sap of trees (pines, junipers, poplars, chestnuts, holm oaks, hazelnuts, etc.) and collected by bees in order to protect hives.

Propolis is collected mainly in the fall and the bee's job is to: Manipulate it using its legs and jaw to make it malleable and fill its basket with its hind legs. For this process, a bee can take an additional 30 to 60 minutes to the hour it spends inside the hive to knead it with the wax and achieve the final result.

Benefits and properties of propolis:

Propolis is historically known as a medicinal substance to prevent and treat respiratory infections.

Its antiseptic and antibacterial components disinfect and eliminate bacteria or other microorganisms.

Its antiviral property strengthens our immune system and makes it an essential element in case of flu

Its antifungal property prevents the formation of fungus, which makes it suitable for preventing and treating the appearance of skin fungus.

How to use propolis:

Topical use of propolis:

The use of propolis on the skin is effective for the treatment of warts, cracks, infections with pus and inflammations and intradermal infections such as chilblains. You can take a quantity of propolis adapted to the area to be treated with your fingers and use it directly on the condition of your skin.

Oral route of propolis:

As stated above, propolis is used for the treatment and prevention of respiratory tract infections. There are different formats such as sprays or oils and each has its recommendation and its limit of use.


Pollen is the anther of flowers. This food is collected in the hives, the bees collect it from the plants and transport it in granules arranged on their hind legs to be transported. Pollen is very nutritious as it contains the 22 essential amino acids needed by humans. And it is usually marketed as a food additive.

Property and Benefits of Pollen:

Due to its high content of vitamins, amino acids, enzymes and minerals, pollen contains strengthening effects and antidepressant properties. It improves and stimulates our immune system, increasing our defenses and improving the activity of the circulatory and cardiovascular system.

Improves physical recovery capacity, increases endurance. Regulates the nervous system, reduces stress and improves our mood. Stimulates cerebral irrigation and improves intellectual capacity. Improves vision thanks to its high riboflavin content

Improves the activity of the digestive system fighting against lack of appetite and regenerating the intestinal bacterial flora Reduces inflammation of the prostate thanks to its zinc content.

How to use Pollen:

Oral use of pollen:

You can get pollen from pharmacies and herbal stores. There are different formats with different modes of oral use. The most common is the direct grip of it.

Topical use of pollen:

You can make homemade creams, bath salts, toners and masks with bee pollen (by spraying it). Its anti-inflammatory properties are beneficial for the skin and for those seeking relief from muscle inflammation while its antibacterial properties are effective in reducing acne.

Where does royal jelly come from?

It is an acidic and whitish substance secreted by the worker bees in order to nourish the queen throughout her life and the larvae of the hive during her first days of life. Future queens take in the pure substance throughout their lives, while workers consume a derivative combined with pollen.

How is it produced?

It is produced by the glands in the throats of worker bees during their first 5 to 15 days of life and, together with the gastric substances they secrete, they give rise to royal jelly.

Property and Benefits of Royal Jelly:

It stimulates the natural defenses of our body, improves our immune system, raises our defenses and improves the activity of the circulatory and cardiovascular system.

Provides energy and improves physical recovery capacity. Regulates the nervous system, reduces stress and improves our mood. Stimulates cerebral irrigation and improves intellectual capacity. Improves vision thanks to its high riboflavin content

Improves the activity of the digestive system fighting against lack of appetite and regenerating the intestinal bacterial flora Reduces inflammation of the prostate thanks to its zinc content.

It is a natural antibiotic that protects the body from infections thanks to its antiseptic and bactericidal properties. Regenerates the skin and delays aging, promoting skin hydration and elasticity.

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