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This Plant that Heals... and Scares the Pharmaceutical Industry

This Plant that Heals... and Scares the Pharmaceutical Industry

Phytotherapy, the other drug?

Plants have always been part of the human environment. Fruits, roots, plants such as hemp better known as cannabis and other natural substances which were first known for their nourishing properties and then for their therapeutic virtues.

Phytotherapy is one of the oldest approaches, the first writings date back to 3000 BC. All societies, ancient or modern, have medicine that uses plants.

cbd cannabidiol cbdtechfr

This word comes from the Greek " phytos " which means plant and " therapeuo " which means to treat, with progress, the discovery of active principles and pharmacological properties has made it possible to transform these plants into authentic medicines , thanks to the extraction of some of their active ingredients.

While it is true that modern medicine has been on the main stage for almost a century, due to the excellent results achieved in many areas, it has unfortunately revealed undesirable side effects that today invite caution.

We are often opposed to "conventional", "chemical" drugs, to medicinal plants. However, there is a place for all of them . Currently, the effectiveness of "herbal" medicine is recognized and scientifically proven . Its undeniable benefits for our health and its natural dimension have allowed phytotherapy to enter our daily lives.

Result: with the use of herbal medicine, a more effective, longer-lasting and particularly limited side-effect action.

Remember that classical medicine (allopathy) is used in emergency and / or short-term treatments. due to its many side effects.

Herbal medicine, on the other hand, is ideal for a longer and gentler action. Instead of targeting a single need at a specific time, it generally contributes to the body's balance in order to regain its 'homeostasis' state.

CBD How does it work?

Ideal for acting as soon as the first signs appear (stress, fatigue, circulation, etc.), CBD can also be used upstream of the first signs. In some cases, it is interesting to use plants in combination.

Today, like herbal medicine, other forms of alternative medicine differ from allopathy. We can cite, for example, homeopathy or aromatherapy, whose approach differs from that of allopathy.

For fifty years, the pharmaceutical industry has been trying to convince doctors that herbal medicine is a medicine from another era, definitely "outdated" by new chemical medicines.

cbdtechfr doctor

In fact, not a week goes by without the most advanced researchers rediscovering the tremendous healing power of plants.

Raphael Mechoulam. It is recognized today for several things. He is the "Discoverer of THC & CBD" and also has the nickname "Father of the endocannabinoid system ".

2015 Nobel Prize in Medicine was awarded to Ms. Tu Youyou, a Chinese woman who "discovered" a cure for malaria...which was nothing more than a traditional Chinese herbal medicine (Artemisia Annua)!

Turmeric has been used in Ayurvedic medicine since ancient times. But its therapeutic effects are so powerful that they have been the subject of more than 500 scientific studies in just a few years. Its anti-cancer and anti-osteoarthritis impact is particularly impressive.

A tremendous movement in favor of plants is underway. And this revolution is freeing us from "overuse of chemical drugs" and their side effects:

CBD Vs Sinusitis?

CBD has antibiotic properties which help to fight against various infections. Sometimes different antibiotics fail to stop the sinusitis infection and then CBD appears. The endocannabinoid system and its receptors are found throughout the body such as the brain, glands, immune cells and other connective tissues.

cbd endocannabinoid system

The principle of operation of the endocannabinoid system is to maintain homeostasis . THE CBD reduces pain activators by promoting homeostasis , which reduces the release of the inflammatory substance.

How can you consume CBD?

The simple way to get pain relief from sinusitis is to use CBD oil or by CBD balm . By simply applying to the painful area, you can reduce the level of pain.

Also you can use CBD e-liquid in a vape pen to get fast relief from sinusitis infection. Vaping cleans the sinuses very effectively. Vaping will also relieve facial pain.

You can also use CBD Capsules to relieve pain. The CBD capsule will also reduce inflammation caused by sinusitis.

Against migraines and headaches?

why take an aspirin when using CBD in capsules dosed at 10mg and combining it with rosemary extract which, thanks to its stimulating, anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, will reduce your migraine pain

Hunger suppressant?

Toxic chemical molecules (like Pick) are prescribed as "appetite suppressants" against overweight and diabetes ... while a simple plant, Cannabis Sativa (CBD) will allow you to regain your state of homeostasis , which reduces your sugar cravings and therefore potentially reduces/regulates hunger.

Why the industry sells us all these drugs with many side effects and which causes addiction,

Selling drugs is much more profitable than selling luxury handbags or watches!

And so, dangerous chemical drugs like “ benzodiazepines ” continue to be used massively for anxiety and insomnia, despite:
In France alone, they cause 16,000 to 31,000 new cases of Alzheimer 's disease each year "Benzodiazepine use and risk of dementia: prospective population based study, Bernard Bégaud, BMJ. 2012"

While to treat the problem of Anxiety and Insomnia l

There is an equally effective alternative, scientifically validated and without the slightest side effect, CBD Brings real benefits & associated with essential oil of orange blossom for greater efficiency.

But who tells the sick?

No one or almost no one.

And that's why we created the site : so that today you can benefit from all the advantages of CBD in all its forms Oils, Capsules, Vaporization, Cream, Balm... and have immediate access to the incredible benefits of this fabulous medicinal plant.

The rediscovery of medicinal plants is at the heart of the current therapeutic revolution.

YES but why is a 10Ml vial so expensive?

The processes involved in selling CBD oil from cultivation to sale drive it to fetch seemingly high prices.

That said, it is essential to note that determining how the oil is made and how it meets quality standards should come before price.

CBD What Dosage?

Example: 1000 mg of cbd in the bottle, contains approximately 240 drops, we will divide 1000 mg by 240 drops and this will give us 4.16 mg
per drop. We recommend an amount of CBD roughly between 10-30 mg per day. Personally, I think 10mg is a reasonable amount to start with.

So a 10ml vial can Last 120 Days / 4 Months! 80€ / 120 = 0.60€ per day

How much do your Medicines cost?

487 euros / year and per person in 2017. So is CBD Expensive?

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