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Europe gives back the letters of nobility to therapeutic cannabis

Europe gives back the letters of nobility to therapeutic cannabis

The United Nations has ended cannabis as the most dangerous drug, saying it would be a driving force behind researching and establishing a new regulatory framework for medical cannabis.

European lawmakers have welcomed the recent decision by the United Nations (UN)

On Wednesday, December 2, 2020, the United Nations Commission on Narcotic Drugs (CND) voted to remove cannabis and hashish from the 1961 Single Convention on the list of narcotics .

The substances listed on this list are not only considered highly addictive and highly subject to abuse, but also particularly harmful and of very limited medical or therapeutic value.

This was one of the main reasons that discouraged the more widespread medical use of cannabis.

Nevertheless, some medicinal cannabis products are already authorized in the EU. Cannabis for therapeutic purposes is also available for some patients in EU countries, based on individual prescriptions.

According to data from the European Monitoring Center for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA), over the past 20 years, patient interest in the use of cannabinoids in the treatment of various diseases has increased .

These include attempts to relieve the neuropathic pain ; several forms of epilepsy drug resistant; certain stubborn symptoms in oncology related to cancer or the treatment of cancer; circumstances palliatives ; spasticity painful in the sclerosis in plates or other disorders of central nervous system .

A new look at medical marijuana thanks to a French pilot project?

Last month, the French government signed a decree to start a two-year medical marijuana pilot project.

Purpose of therapeutic cannabis?

Relieve 3,000 patients suffering from serious illnesses such as chronic pain or some epileptic disorders .

"Today's vote was eagerly awaited, especially by patients," commented Belgian MEP Frédérique Ries.

Liberal lawmaker expects 'historic' decision to trigger reassessment of regulatory barriers to medical cannabis around the world and a new wave of research into the untapped potential of medical cannabis for the benefit of patients.

She added that despite the benefits of medicinal cannabis in treating a wide range of illnesses, there were still a lack of knowledge about it .

Similarly, Green MEP Tilly Metz said the classification was taboo around the prescription of medical marijuana to the detriment of patients.

Patients 'using don't take drugs', EURACTIV said, suggesting the rather antiquated status of ' drugs ' has hampered further research in the very promising field of medical marijuana.

For Socialist MEP Alex Agius Salib, harmonizing standards for medical cannabis products at EU level should be a priority for EU lawmakers as it will improve patients' fair access to cannabis-based medicines.

In February 2019 , the European Parliament adopted a resolution calling on the European Commission and national authorities to present a legal definition of marijuana for medical purposes.

However, the German Presidency of the Council of the EU and the European Commission have recently confirmed that there is no European plan to remove regulatory barriers to the medical use of cannabis in the short term.

We need to encourage a more open dialogue with medical cannabis patients to create a sustainable and eco-friendly sector across the bloc ,” Saliba said.

The European Medical Marijuana Society (EUMCA) stated:

that a UN decision could remove barriers to access to the medical use of cannabis and enable more European patients to access these treatments.

However, there should be no compromise on quality standards for the treatment of cannabis dependence, and much remains to be done ,” said Sita Schubert, Secretary General of WUSC.

According to the European Court of Justice, the cannabidiol is not a narcotic . Banning cannabidiol imported by other Member States would be against EU law because there is no scientific evidence that cannabis products have psychotropic effects .

The UN decision came a week after the European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruled on the CBD

The UN decision ruled that CBD, a chemical compound derived from hemp plants and containing less than 0.2% tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), does not appear to have psychotropic effects on the current state of scientific knowledge nor harmful to human health .

In light of a recent ECJ decision, the European Commission has concluded that cannabis oil (CBD) should not be considered a medicine and can therefore be classified as a novel food.

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