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The best essential oil for sleep, Orange blossom, Roman chamomile, marjoram?

The best essential oil for sleep, Orange blossom, Roman chamomile, marjoram?

This flower, known since the dawn of time, has great abilities to fight against sleep disorders. it contains relaxing and soothing natural active ingredients that relax, eliminate anxiety and fall asleep like a baby. Scientists agree.

this plant helps you sleep better

This essential oil that makes you sleep?

Sleep is a real evil. The alarming context created by the coronavirus pandemic has only exacerbated the problems already identified. According to a survey carried out by Ifop in April 2021, two out of three French people say they have had sleep problems in the last eight days. "This is a record level that has no equal in the last twenty-five years (66% among 18-75 year olds today compared to 49% in 2017)", specifies the organization.

If the disorder is chronic, it is advisable to consult a specialist to determine the course of action. Meanwhile, some natural tricks can help you. Certain plants are reputed to be effective in combating sleep disorders. This is the case of orange blossom, also called neroli essential oil.

A bit of history:

Since Antiquity, the white flowers of the orange tree have adorned the crowns of brides. The aroma is delicate. Although the origin of orange blossom remains uncertain and varies between India, China and Asia Minor, Europeans discovered it in the 11th century and introduced it to Sicily and Provence after the Crusades. .

Since the dawn of time, the aroma of these white flowers has had a real calming power. The plant is known for its sedative effect, but also for its ability to neutralize muscle spasms. Orange blossom is rare and precious.

You have to distil a ton to obtain a liter of essential oil.

An anti-stress essential oil?

The freshness and sweetness of orange blossom helps you fall asleep and calm the nervous system .

Within its petals? Vitamin C, flavonoids (known for their anti-inflammatory properties), carotene (a major antioxidant), terpenes (with a sedative and calming effect, ideal for treating anxiety). A study published in 2019 highlights its great properties.

The researchers explained that they compared the effects of three essential oils (orange blossom, violet and marjoram) on the level of anxiety associated with sleep deprivation in mice. The team concluded: “ Orange and marjoram extracts were found to be more effective than violet extract and lorazepam (anxiolytic molecule) solution in reducing anxiety caused by lack of sleep. this respect is orange blossom extract."

This is why Lanvia has combined essential oils with Cannabidiol CBD

Forget the sandman... A few drops of orange blossom can help you fall into the arms of Morpheus...

For more information check out our blog:

essential oils and cbd oil

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