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Can we say that cannabis has therapeutic effects?

Can we say that cannabis has therapeutic effects?

Text summary of the Video by Renaud Colson Lecturer at the Faculty of Law and Political Science of Nantes.

Talking about therapeutic cannabis and approaching the subject in a perfectly relaxed way is a challenge. It is that freedom of expression, fundamental values ​​of the republican pact , finds its limits here . There are indeed taboo subjects of discussion that the legislator forbids us to mention this is the case of cannabis whose therapeutic virtues cannot be claimed without violating the law (but...)

On the other hand I can affirm that the wine produced on our soils has remarkable taste qualities it is part of our history of our cultural and gastronomic heritage the wine also contributes to the health of the populations it is perfectly legal to affirm it and I can even encourage you to consume it daily provided you use it in moderation

On the other hand, can we say without breaking French law that the therapeutic use of cannabis for millennia and that this product is today prescribed as medicine in many countries has been recognized by the medical profession for its virtuous effects? who recommends it to treat a large number of pathologies that many scientific publications recognize in this substance many properties . Perhaps this is true but it must be said that it is false

Providing information without questioning it would result in presenting the use of cannabis in a favorable light , which would lead to a seven-year prison sentence and a fine of 100,000 euros.

However, in the hierarchy of French standards, the public health code occupies a lower place than the European convention for the protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms, which means that in the event of a contradiction between the code and the European convention, it is the latter that prevails and that the judge must apply

You will deduce with me that in our state of law article l3421 drawn 4 of the public health code is neutralized by article 10 of the European convention it is therefore perfectly legal to affirm that the use of cannabis has therapeutic virtues it is however forbidden to consume it for treatment or relief even if one is at the end of life. ( However, the use of therapeutic cannabis is authorized insofar as it falls within this framework of laws here )

in 2017 the only cannabis drug sativex with marketing authorization in france is still not distributed in pharmacies and the use of cannabis is a criminal offense that the police and judicial institutions systematically punish a Is such incrimination in conformity with the declaration of the rights of man and of the citizen which states that freedom consists in being able to do all that does not harm others and that the law has the right to defend only actions harmful to the society.

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