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CBD has become an excellent solution to help you feel less anxious, get restful sleep and be in better harmony with life. If yes, then you are probably wondering what is water soluble CBD ?

This is one of the best CBD products you haven't heard of. If you're going through a tough time, this may be the product for you.

Everything you need to know about this quality CBD.

I love sharing ideas and strategies that help people be happier, calmer, and more successful.

With that in mind, I've compiled this brief guide to water-soluble CBD and its many benefits.

Water Soluble CBD

Unmodified CBD is hydrophobic, meaning it does not mix well with water.

Water-soluble CBD is more easily absorbed in the stomach and lymphatic system. Additionally, it is absorbed at higher concentrations than oil-based products.

Water-soluble CBD is much easier to add to food or drinks. The high bioavailability of water-soluble CBD allows you to use less product for a similar result to CBD oil.

The 5 Main Benefits of Soluble CBD:

Using water-soluble CBD reduces stress on the body. Generally, it makes you feel better in less time. Additionally, the increased absorption of water-soluble CBD means the product is generally more effective.

  • You can mix it with any drink

The water-soluble CBD will be mixed evenly into the drink, allowing you to get the amount of CBD you want.

If you don't like the taste of CBD oil, then water-soluble CBD is a good choice.

Because it is fat soluble, CBD with medium and long chain fatty acids and triglycerides increases its bioavailability when ingested.

If a CBD product has high bioavailability, it has a high quantity/concentration of CBD that will be absorbed into the bloodstream.

  • Easy to add to your daily routine

To benefit from CBD oil, you need to buy from the best companies. CBD products are easy to add to your daily routine.

However, the main problems of existing products can be eliminated. These include low bioavailability or speed of effect.

When users try to consume oral CBD oil products, they do not penetrate deep into our system.

It has been known for years that water-soluble vitamins are absorbed more quickly. And now CBD has become a water-soluble product for these reasons.

Water-soluble CBD is more easily absorbed by the body. This has a significant impact on the overall experience and benefits of CBD.

The choice between water-soluble and oil-soluble CBD depends on individual preferences.

The conversion of CBD to water soluble is associated with the addition of cannabinoids to the water.

First, they break down into small particles (especially ions or molecules). Water-soluble CBD products mainly come in liquid forms.

  • It can be absorbed directly into the bloodstream

For oils (including THC and CBD) to mix with water, they must be formulated as nanoemulsions.

They can use microemulsions using a liquid suspension process to protect and deliver biologically active ingredients.

CBD nanoemulsion involves the use of an emulsifier that allows two normally incompatible substances (such as oil and water) to mix easily. Nanoemulsion is the most common method for producing CBD products.

The advantage of taking the oil this way is that it allows the most important components to be absorbed directly into the bloodstream and CB2 receptors ( endocannabiboid system ) without first passing through the digestive tract.

  • Water soluble oil, easy dissolution in water

To make the oil water soluble, the best CBD molecules must be converted into small particles. They are more easily absorbed by the body due to their small size.

The very small particle size of emulsified grade water-soluble CBD is more easily absorbed by the body. Especially in places like the mucous membrane of the oral cavity.

Scientists have studied how food affects the absorption of water-soluble CBD. And if we look at the research on water-soluble nutrients, we'll see that they are generally well absorbed.

To summarize the use of water soluble CBD:

Because the body is 60% water, not all of it enters the bloodstream when we take CBD oil.

Water-soluble CBD oil is the answer to this problem. The ideal way to consume CBD is a water-soluble option that increases the absorption and absorption rate.

The use of CBD Patch and CBD capsules also allows you to benefit from high bioavailability!


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