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CBD cannabidiol and Essential Oils, What Effects?

CBD cannabidiol and Essential Oils, What Effects?
A few pioneering companies have recognized the importance of the synergy of terpenes & essential oils with CBD, they have investigated the ways in which these substances can work together.

The Carebidiol ® laboratories, essential oil and CBD

Carebidiol® , is an expert laboratory in CBD, Wellness and Cosmetics whose products are made in France using a process of the highest standard of quality and efficiency, respecting the environment.

Surrounded by a team of experts in the field of CBD ' cannabidiol ' a molecule of hemp with amazing powers and still unsuspected to this day, the French laboratory works tirelessly to offer you unique products on the market.

Carebidiol™ has developed an innovative technique by combining full-spectrum CBD molecules with essential oils that provide terpenes not found in CBD and provide an added benefit by improving the overall terpene profile.

essential oils can enhance the intrinsic benefits of CBD, the Carebidiol brand offers CBD oil products formulated with essential oils for enhanced results.

Terpenes and CBD? Quezako?


Terpenes are aromatic and volatile compounds found in plants. You've probably come across terpenes before, whenever you've smelled flowers or smelled fresh fruit.

You do not realize it, we are often surrounded by terpenes.

There are a few terpenes in hemp in high enough amounts to be considered as such.

The use of essential oils adds terpenes to complement those naturally present in cannabis.

Scientists are studying terpenes and thinking that may have particular therapeutic effects .

Terpenes are popular in aromatherapy circles for providing holistic and natural healing.

The terpenes present in CBD & their effects

It appears that CBD terpenes may be beneficial due to their specific effects on the body.
There are a few common terpenes that often appear in CBD oils, so let's take a look at them:
  • Pinene : The terpene pinene is found, unsurprisingly, in pine needles. It is also present in many other conifers and some citrus fruits. Pinene has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for millennia, as it is believed to have some therapeutic benefits. Often it is used as an antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and bronchodilator.

  • Linalool : Another common terpene is linalool. Linalool terpene is a terpene that many know because it has a floral and delicate aroma. Mainly known for its prevalence in lavender. Brands often add linalool to beauty products for its pleasant scent, but it's also used as a sleep aid and as an anti-anxiety ingredient in aromatherapy.

  • Myrcene : The terpene myrcene is one of the most common terpenes associated with cannabis. It has a dank, earthy, grassy scent - just like cannabis. Although it is the smallest terpene, myrcene can have powerful effects on the body and is known to produce a sedative effect while relaxing you. When it comes to potential medical uses, myrcene has been shown as an antibacterial compound that can relieve pain.

  • Limonene : The terpene limonene is commonly found in citrus peels. Its scent is that of lemons and citrus fruits. Limonene is known to be an antifungal agent, and it can also boost mood and reduce inflammation . It is a crucial terpene in CBD because it can increase the absorption rate of other terpenes.

  • Caryophyllene : One of the most interesting terpenes, caryophyllene is found in cloves, cinnamon, and black pepper. It has a spicy woody aroma. The caryophyllene terpene is unique because it may be able to interact with the endocannabinoid system , much like cannabinoids. Additionally, it can act as an analgesic and anti-inflammatory .

  • Humulene : Another common terpene in cannabis, the terpene humulene is best described as “hoppy”. It can act as an appetite suppressant and anti-inflammatory

Are terpenes important in CBD oil?

As you can see from the list above, terpenes could have many potential benefits. It looks like they could make a useful addition to CBD oil.

In fact, many users consider CBD with terpenes to be more beneficial than a product with no terpenes at all.

Terpenes and the entourage effect

The entourage effect is a term coined by Ethan Russo, a prominent cannabis scientist. In 2011, Dr. Russo published a detailed report in the British Journal of Pharmacology on the entourage effect.

This phenomenon refers to the synergistic behavior of cannabinoids. In simpler terms, cannabinoids work together to produce an increased and more beneficial effect on the body.

CBD terpenes also play a role in the entourage effect. For example, beta-caryophyllene is thought to directly influence cannabinoid receptors, and limonene helps the body better absorb other terpenes.

When you use a full-spectrum CBD product, you get the benefits of CBD, other cannabinoids, and also terpenes.

The effect is believed to be stronger than what you get from a CBD isolate .

What is isolate?

the isolate is the isolated form of the hemp plant, i.e. you only benefit from the CBD molecule, without CBG CBN... and without terpenes...

How do essential oils and CBD work?

Carebidiol ® to create 4 full-spectrum cannabidiol oils combining essential oils, such as neroli flower , mandarin petit grain , lemon balm , bergamot .

These plants have many virtues and allow you to target the desired effect.

So, it turns out that terpenes are pretty essential. They provide an extra boost to your dose of CBD, helping the body function better every day.

Using particular essential oils lets you know what effects you can likely expect from the product.

CBD made in France?

Nowadays, since the latest laws on the regulation, sale and consumption of CBD in Europe, it is easy to be able to buy CBD online

However, finding a reliable and serious supplier is not always easy,
many parameters must be taken into account, in order to help you in your choice we have set up a Checklist.


cbd check litst

Orange Blossom Essential Oil and CBD Oil 15% against Stress, Anxiety and Depression Bio France

What is neroli flower?

Plant native to India and North Africa, orange blossom, also called “essence of Neroli” is a plant with many well-being virtues. This plant is recognized as being the soothing flower par excellence, exerting natural calming powers.

How does CBD balance and soothe the central nervous system?

The endocannabinoid receptors present in the human body play an important role in our nervous system according to several studies. Connected directly to the latter, CBD, whose calming properties no longer need to be proven, is known to relieve a large number of disorders related to fear and stress .

Traditional antidepressants and anxiolytic drugs, such as selective serotonin receptor blockers, are effective through similar mechanisms.

However, these are addictive drugs, unlike CBD, which is not addictive.

This "Full Spectrum" cannabidiol oil is extracted directly from unmodified and organically grown Sativa L. hemp plants.

20% CBD and HE oil from Petit grain mandarin for dreamy nights ORGANIC Made in France

What is Petit Grain de Mandarine?
The essential oil of Petit Grain Mandarin is extracted from the leaf, has Calming properties, and soothes the spirits thanks to its relaxing virtues in order to find a restful sleep.


How is CBD effective in obtaining restful sleep?

Sleep allows us to manage our emotions. It is essential to our physical and moral health, this stage is composed of phases in 5 phases. Cycles 1 to 4 are deep sleep cycles while cycle 5 is REM sleep.

Each cycle lasting 90 minutes, we need 4 to 6 consecutive cycles in 24 hour increments to avoid the consequences of lack of sleep.

A study shows that the daily administration of 50 to 75 mg of CBD makes it possible to reduce sleep interruptions, thus making it possible to regulate sleep and facilitate falling asleep, in order to improve its quality.

10% CBD Oil Weight Loss Lemon Balm Easy Digestion ORGANIC Made in France

What is lemon balm?

Lemon balm is traditionally used thanks to its calming and relaxing virtues, the ESCOP and the European Commission recognize the use of lemon balm internally to relieve digestive disorders . Much research has been done on symptoms related to colic and minor gastrointestinal disorders. Better digestion helps you lose weight.

How is CBD effective for better digestion?

CBD oil can relieve digestive upset. Researchers used several different methods to test its effectiveness in reducing inflammation associated with colitis. CBD has been shown to provide potential relief from gastrointestinal inflammation and, if taken before it appears, may even prevent it.

CBD regulates the level of cortisol , reducing stress and thus allowing your mind and body to release tensions and regain better digestion.

CBD promotes fat burning

Fat deposition in adipose tissue occurs when calorie intake is high and metabolic rate is low (lack of exercise...). Regular consumption of foods high in carbohydrates and fats can cause excess fat to accumulate in adipose tissue and lead to overweight. It is therefore necessary to burn excess fat regularly. CBD is able to increase the rate of metabolism in the body, which helps in the breakdown of excess body fat.


Oil 25% CBD Bergamot for insomnia ORGANIC Made in France

What is Bergamot?

Bergamot essential oil contains linalool, which exhibit anxiolytic properties. Linalool helps to limit the time of falling asleep and soothe tensions

How is CBD effective in fighting insomnia?

Our sleep is part of an internal biological process which is itself regulated by our circadian system and our endocannabinoid system.

The CB1 endocannabinoid receptor, present in the human body, is connected to our nervous system.

It plays a direct and important role in sleep according to several studies. CBD is known to relieve a large number of disorders such as insomnia or sleep apnea , snoring .

Finding the Best CBD Oils Online

Carebidiol laboratories in synergy with official distributor, have become the European reference for its combinations of CBD oils and essential oils.

Thanks to a quality platform, CBDtech allows you to place your orders online and receive at home, by assured and fast delivery within 48-72 hours, the best of CBD in France and Europe.

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