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The "wellness" hemp with amazing powers for seniors

The "wellness" hemp with amazing powers for seniors

Older people think it helps them cope better with illness or treatment. According to the CBD shop, CBD would be a response to the illnesses of seniors.

Hemp "wellness" - the new elixir for the elderly?

Anxiety, sleep problems, joint pain ... According to dealers, CBD helps with illnesses in the elderly. This cannabidiol-based product, presented in the form of flowers to be infused or vaporized , oil , capsules , e liquids or even added to cosmetics , is available in more and more stores and is sold on many websites. CBD is derived from hemp and is known for its relaxing effect, but does not get "high" like THC - another molecule of the cannabis plant with psychotropic action.

Arlette, 90 , has been using CBD oil for six months. A few drops, which he puts under his tongue morning, noon and evening. “My niece advised me to take it. As I have arthritis in my knees, arms and spine, it helps me deal with the pain.

I spoke to my GP about it because I didn't want to continue without advice. He saw no problem with that. And it's organic and natural, with no side effects,” he told me. When it comes to CBD's relationship to cannabis, that doesn't bother the old lady at all. “When it hurts, we try a bit of everything,” she says.

In addition to the above, a parliamentary report recommends a "regulated legalization" of cannabis.

"The consumption of this product is part of the search for well-being and quality of life, which is very common among the elderly today," explains sociologist Serge Guérin, a specialist in aging.

CBD concerns two types of seniors:

  • older people who smoked cannabis in their youth and have retained their view of entertainment cannabis.
  • older people affected by chronic diseases. For the latter, CBD is sometimes the last resort.

Although it may have a placebo effect, they believe it helps them cope better with their illness or treatment. "

CBD a dietary supplement

In addiction counseling, clinical psychologist Jean-Pierre Coutheron meets polyconsumers, “who turn to CBD as a substitute”.

In Switzerland, in some CBD stores that offer the concept of well-being, “it feels like the club for the elderly,” he laughs.

“The elderly represent between 60 and 65% of our customers,” says the managing director. Some of our customers are in their 90s, but most are more like 70. “Buying a hemp product is a culture shock for these people?” Some of our customers wonder how close the product is to cannabis. There are prejudices that you get drunk or feel delirious, but today they are less frequent, ”he explains

In France, however, the rise of CBD has been held back by strict legislation

Cannabis-derived CBD is prohibited as long as there are traces of THC in the final product. However, the judgment of the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) last November risks confusing the issue.

In November last year, the authority ruled that the ban on CBD trade in France was illegal in the name of the principle of “free movement of goods” in the European Union.

A parliamentary report on CBD argues that CBD supplements are set to become the "leader of the future 'hemp health' economy", presented in February, calling for a change in "totally inappropriate" French regulations.


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