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Why CBD flowers against stress?

Why CBD flowers against stress?

Do you feel stressed, anxious and regularly overwhelmed by events? Discover the benefits of hemp flowers to naturally counter stress and nervousness and find your inner peace.

What is CBD Flower?

Hemp flowers or CBD are one of the parts of the plant that are used in the same way as the seeds, leaves or stem.

Hemp contains both "male" and "female" plants, and it is the female Cannabis Sativa plants that produce flowers, which are harvested as soon as they reach maturity in August and September.

After harvesting, the hemp flower is cleaned and then left to dry for several weeks before it can be consumed.

One of the benefits of consuming hemp flowers is that you can experience the properties of CBD in a raw and pure way, because good quality hemp flower has not undergone any processing or modification.

Like all products containing CBD, hemp flowers are verified to meet the legal maximum dose of 0.2% THC and are not psychotropic. The CBD content of hemp flowers usually ranges between 3 and 10%, depending on the harvest.

Benefits of hemp flowers against stress?

Hemp flowers are becoming more and more trendy, like other CBD products, and contain many benefits, including helping to combat stress, anxiety and its manifestations on the body and mind.

Indeed, more and more people are sensitive to stress, especially this year with the health crisis. The desire to consume more natural products is also one of your main concerns to take care of yourself and increase your level of well-being and serenity on a daily basis!

Why consume our CBD flowers:

In infusion , hemp flowers, alone or in synergy with other plants , help for example to naturally promote relaxation and to fight the symptoms of stress and anxiety , such as nervousness, increased heart rate, sleep disturbances or mental fatigue.

Hemp flowers contain cannabinoids and terpenes, which have a general effect on the body to effectively combat stress and anxiety through the so-called entourage effect .

The CBD flower contains all the constituents of the plant (fatty acids, flavonoids, terpenes and cannabinoids), which act in synergy and interact to help maintain or restore the balance of the body in the event of ailments.

How to consume CBD flower?

The CBD flower can be consumed in different forms: in macerate, as a culinary ingredient in combination with milk or vegetable oil, or in infusion, which is the easiest way to enjoy the benefits of CBD for combat stress and anxiety.

Hemp flowers, alone or in synergy with other plants with similar or complementary properties, naturally promote relaxation and help you fall asleep faster, while countering stress-induced tension in the body.

Hemp flower infusion is drunk throughout the day to take advantage of its soothing properties, but it is particularly recommended at the end of the day to help you let go and offer you a moment of well-being.

Discover the 100% natural Biogrow cultivated hemp flowers

To help you discover the benefits of hemp flowers on stress and anxiety, we have partnered with a French farmer who offers the first 100% French harvest CBD flowers.

Quality :

Our CBD-rich hemp flowers from the Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes Region are grown in Greenhouse (under greenhouse) or Indoor (indoor), in order to offer the best quality. All our flowers are harvested without additives, without pesticides, in order to keep it 100% natural & also manicured by hand.


All our flowers are legal with a rate of less than 0.2%, certified by a French analysis laboratory.

Security :

Consuming our hemp flowers in complete safety with traceability of each batch and 100% French logistics.

Expert tip:

CBD flowers in infusion, helps you fall asleep, fights stress and anxiety and also aids digestion. can be consumed on its own, but we recommend adding vegetable milk or a hint of coconut to improve the absorption of the CBD it contains. You won't be able to do without it!

Our collection of CBD flowers

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