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Legal CBD in France?

CBD what does the LAW say?

French regulations provide that all operations concerning cannabis are prohibited, in particular its production, possession and use. Therefore, any product containing the extract of the cannabis plant is prohibited unless it falls within the scope of the derogation mentioned below.

Thus, certain varieties of cannabis or hemp, devoid of narcotic properties, can be used for industrial and commercial purposes under three cumulative conditions:

  • Hemp varieties authorized for industrial and commercial purposes are regulated and listed in the Public Health Code
  • Only seeds and fibers can be used. The use of flowers is prohibited (in France) Europe authorizes the use of flowers - European law takes precedence over French law
  • the plant must have a THC content of less than 0.2%.
  • The presence of THC in the finished products, whatever its rate, is prohibited.
  • No therapeutic virtue can be claimed, in particular by manufacturers or sellers of products containing CBD.

All advertisements bearing claims of therapeutic virtues are prohibited (with the exception of medicinal products benefiting from an MA).


Can we legally affirm that the use of cannabis has therapeutic virtues?

Summary in text of the Video of Renaud Colson Maître de conferences at the Faculty of Law and Political Science of Nantes.

Talk about therapeutic cannabis and broached the subject perfectly relaxed in is a challenge. is that freedom of expression, fundamental values ​​of the republican pact here finds its limits there is indeed of the taboo discussion objects that the legislator forbids us to discuss is the case of cannabis of which one cannot allege the therapeutic virtues without breaking the law (but...)

On the other hand I can affirm that the wine produced on our soils has remarkable taste qualities it is part of our history of our cultural and gastronomic heritage wine also contributes to the health of populations it is perfectly legal to affirm it and I can even tell you encourage daily consumption provided it is used in moderation

On the other hand, can we say without breaking French law that the therapeutic use of cannabis has been used for millennia and that this product is today prescribed as medicine in many countries? has been recognized by virtuous effects by the medical profession, which recommends it to treat a large number of pathologies that many scientific publications recognize in this substance many properties. Might be is this true but it must be said that it is false

However, in the hierarchy of French standards, the public health code occupies a lower place than the European convention. of safeguarding human rights and fundamental freedoms, this means that in the event of a contradiction between the code and the European convention , it is the latter which prevails and which the judge must apply

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Therapeutic cannabis: towards an experimentation of use in 5 indications

In this video Agnès Buzyn Minister of Health, recognizes the possible benefits of Therapeutic Cannabis and supports the usefulness of an assessment for the use of cannabis for certain pathologies.

A favorable opinion from the Ethics & Cancer Committee

In November 2018, the Ethics & Cancer Committee, contacted by a patient, issued an opinion in which he says " cannot identify any reason to oppose the use of cannabis by patients who say they derive benefit from it, even if this benefit is not demonstrated according to the most rigorous scientific methodologies " .
In addition, this Committee recommends that " for these patients, access to cannabis or its active substances can be in a form allowing them to avoid smoking it, so as not to be exposed to the deleterious effects of this mode of consumption. It (should) also be that this access can be supervised by the health authorities ".

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Third-party lab testing involves having products analyzed by an independent company to verify their quality .

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