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The differences between growing cannabis indoors, outdoors and in greenhouses

Hemp is an ancestral plant that has been cultivated for decades outdoors and even in greenhouses. Indoor cultivation appeared recently, less than a hundred years ago, after the prohibition of the cultivation of cannabis. It was during this period that significant progress was made in this area. They have allowed, among other things, Reproduction and emergence of CBD flowers. There are currently three main growing environments: outdoor, greenhouse, and indoor.

Cannabis CBD grown outdoors

CBD outdoor plantings

This is the most natural way to grow cannabis outdoors. Marijuana is one of the oldest known crops in the world, growing thanks to the benefits of “Mother Nature”.

These CBD flowers make full use of their natural environment. The plants are carried away by the wind. The spectrum of sunlight is broader and more intense than any artificial light and allows plants to further develop their genetic potential. Soil provides natural nutrients. Watering is done by rain or groundwater.

It is the most ecological and economical method because the external environment provides almost everything the plant needs.

Yields are higher with this type of crop. Plants develop and grow as you see fit.

This type of cultivation gives smaller and less perfect buds than indoors, with more leaves surrounding the flower. However, the flower has character with raw flavors and particularly well-developed aromas. Outdoor flowers are generally more economical to purchase.

However, this culture has drawbacks because it is totally dependent on climatic hazards, heavy rains, drought, pests and pests ...

The yields are either higher, but the production cycle in the natural state is longer. The harvest will be limited to one per year.

CBD flowers grown in greenhouses

And the greenhouse?
The term greenhouse refers to greenhouse cultivation. It combines the advantages of growing outdoors and indoors. The plants benefit from the sun and the natural soil while being protected from the elements. Natural sunlight is used which provides far more energy and a wider spectrum than any artificial light. However, this is controlled by depriving it of light for faster flowering and a quality product.

The greenhouse creates a microclimate around the plants because the greenhouse gases form a protective shield around the Earth.

Growers control the parameters of the crop and can interfere with the plant life cycle, which has many benefits. It is even possible to obtain several harvests in one year.

This approach is much greener and less expensive than growing indoors.

These CBD flowers are more compact and bulky than the outdoors, with beautiful terpene profiles. The prices are roughly between the outside and the inside depending on the quality of the buds.

CBD flowers indoors
Indoor planting takes place in huge sheds. These flowers are often considered top notch.

Growers have full control of the entire production process, including light, temperature, CO2, humidity, etc. Plant growth is highly optimized without external disturbance to produce high quality flowers.

The flowers have very beautiful, compact and large inflorescences with an intense flavor. This high quality product is more expensive.

Initial investments are large and production costs are high. In addition, this method has a larger ecological footprint than other practices. However, it brings growers several harvests a year.

After all, organic farming can be done indoors, thanks to total control of the process.

Most of the strains available today are hybrids, and it turns out that some of these new genetics are much more suitable for indoor growing.

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