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Recontainment in France, Insured Delivery

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the sentence has fallen, Emmanuel Macron has decided to return to confinement. The French head of state said that the measures in place were no longer sufficient and that it was necessary to impose a reconfinement.

When does the reconfinement start?

While details will be provided this Thursday by Prime Minister Jean Castex, confinement will therefore begin this Thursday at midnight.

How long will the lockdown last?

Emmanuel Macron said that the confinement would last at least 30 days, until the beginning of December or even more.

Will schools and colleges remain open?

Nurseries, schools will remain open during confinement as well as colleges and high schools with very reinforced health measures. Conversely, faculties and higher education establishments will offer online courses,” announced the President of the Republic.

Will teleworking be compulsory?

Teleworking was not imposed by Emmanuel Macron during his speech on confinement. The Head of State encouraged for its "generalization" wherever possible. For the rest, Emmanuel Macron imposed the continuation of work, another difference with the confinement of the spring.

"Public service counters will be open. Factories, farms, buildings and public works will continue to operate," he said.

Restaurants and shops all closed?

Restaurants and bars will have to close during the confinement, Macron informed. In general, establishments such as non-essential retail stores open to the public will have to close.

Will a new certificate be required?

A new derogatory certificate will be put in place for exceptional travel during confinement. Inter-regional travel will be prohibited during confinement, said the Head of State.

Download my COVID Displacement Certificate

The containment began this Friday, October 30, 2020, found three versions of derogatory certificates which were created by the government. Here are all the derogatory travel certificates, the proof of professional travel and the proof of school travel... also in Smartphone version

Download the derogatory travel certificate

Download the business travel certificate

Download the proof of school travel

Download the smartphone version to fill in

100% open

This second confinement which begins on Friday will mark the beginning of a new difficult period for many of you will not be able to have a normal activity.

As on March 15,

Cbdtech chooses not to close the company

in order to accompany you as best as possible and to help you support your well-being by always offering the best CBD products such as oils, capsules, flowers, creams etc...

We will be there, faithful to the post to ship your orders from Monday to Friday, and answer your questions.

We don't yet know all the details of this new confinement, but we can already give you some information taken directly from our experience last spring, and thus help you to understand this period.

Shipping & Delivery:

on 09/12/2020

The post presents delays during the holidays, thank you for your understanding

We will continue to prepare the packages from Monday to Friday, and will ship them with each collection from each carrier.
Our hygiene measures with our teams ensure that you or your customers do not take any risks when receiving a package from our logistics.

As in the spring, we will relay all the information we have concerning carriers: sectors not delivered, permanence or closure of services.

La Poste should continue to ensure delivery thanks to its large network of post offices in particular.


As the borders are partly closed, and some suppliers prevented from working normally, supplies will be slowed down, and sometimes even impossible. We will like the first time, do everything we can to avoid major stock shortages, and continue the activity as normally as possible.

Cbdtech and you:

Our teams may occasionally be reduced during this confinement, so we ask that you give priority to requests by e-mail via the contact form on

We will do our best to process requests within 24 hours. Thank you in advance for not multiplying identical messages and for giving us as much information as possible, such as the order number or the product reference.

In case of emergency, such as a correction in a delivery address, a change of reference, size, or means of transport, contact us as soon as possible because we will not be able to intervene on a package already dispatched.

Rest assured of all our support to get through this new ordeal, and count on us to accompany you and help you stay in shape.

Take care !


Fabien from CBDtech

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