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VetLab CBD for Dogs and Cats Made In France

vetlab cbd dog and cat

VetLab the Reference of CBD for Animals In France


Recently, interest in the possible use of CBD based on extracts of Hemp sativa L offering a lot of benefit for animal welfare, is gaining ground in veterinary medicine.

Veterinarians find it beneficial and recognize the beneficial effects of CBD oil on animals . Like humans, they possess an endocannabinoid system , made up of CB1 and CB2 sensors, capable of interacting with CBD . Tests have shown that the benefits of this molecule are similar in humans and in animals.

The use in veterinary medicine of products containing the active ingredients of CBD seems to be rather encouraging for pain relief ( osteoarthritis, neuropathy, cancer, etc. ) and neurological diseases ( epilepsy, neuritis, cognitive impairment in dogs and older cats )

Veterinary medical professionals indicate that cannabidiol could be interesting in the management of chronic pain in pets due to anxiolytic , antidepressant and sleep quality effects, help for old dogs , cats and animals in end of life , thus reducing sensitivity to pain and improving quality of life.

100% natural CBD hemp extract and MCT vegetable oil. They come from a certified and guaranteed organic culture without pesticides, herbicides, fungicides or other chemical substances WITHOUT THC , the psychoactive molecule thc of cannabis can be toxic for animals.

Easy to use, vetlab CBD Oil is added to your pet's favorite food or biscuit or orally. Our oils are devoid of Terpenes so as not to disturb the highly developed sense of smell of animals and thus promote their palatability.

The Vetlab laboratory guarantees you superior quality by testing each product in production. The extraction process used is that of CO2 because it ensures the purity of the hemp plant and preserves the active cannabinoid agents


Older dogs often suffer from arthritis. New research shows that CBD oil significantly improves symptom relief in this type of condition.


Osteoarthritis is also called "cartilage erosion" or arthritis. It is a joint disease that causes loss of joint cartilage, growth of bony nodules, and inflammation . One in five dogs will suffer from some form of arthritis at some point in their life. Especially in old age. Dogs with arthritis suffer from pain ...

As well as behavioral changes such as refusal to stand and walk, lameness. As well as the difficulty of walking and climbing stairs. The main causes of arthritis in dogs are genetic and are common in purebred dogs. Especially with certain breeds like the Labrador and the German Shepherd.

The treatment of arthritis in dogs today depends mainly on non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and analgesics such as Opthalgin or Norepinephrine. However, the problem with taking these types of drugs is the damage they cause to the kidneys and digestive system. Therefore, it is necessary to find another treatment.


In a new study by researchers at Cornell University in New York, a group of dogs with osteoarthritis were treated with different doses of CBD oil. Some dogs were given CBD at 2mg per kg. Others were given 8mg/kg and some were given oil that did not contain CBD. The latter served as a control group with a placebo.

The dogs' degree of pain and function were assessed by their owners and veterinarians. Moreover, no one knew to which group the dog belonged. The study showed a significant decrease in pain and a significant increase in activity levels in dogs treated with CBD. In the other placebo group, however, there was clearly a slight increase in pain...

Previous studies have already shown that CBD has medical potential to help and relieve dogs, for example, in previous research at the University of Colorado which showed a reduction in seizure frequency in dogs with epilepsy up to 89. It should be remembered that unlike CBD, which is a non-psychoactive component, the consumption of THC can be dangerous for dogs.

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VetLab CBD for Dogs and Cats

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Third-party lab testing involves having products analyzed by an independent company to verify their quality .

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