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ARIZER™ CBD Salon EQ Vs Volcano Flower Vaporizer
ARIZER™ CBD Salon EQ Vs Volcano Flower Vaporizer
ARIZER™ CBD Salon EQ Vs Volcano Flower Vaporizer
ARIZER™ CBD Salon EQ Vs Volcano Flower Vaporizer
ARIZER™ CBD Salon EQ Vs Volcano Flower Vaporizer
ARIZER™ CBD Salon EQ Vs Volcano Flower Vaporizer
ARIZER™ CBD Salon EQ Vs Volcano Flower Vaporizer
ARIZER™ CBD Salon EQ Vs Volcano Flower Vaporizer
ARIZER™ CBD Salon EQ Vs Volcano Flower Vaporizer
ARIZER™ CBD Salon EQ Vs Volcano Flower Vaporizer

ARIZER™ CBD Salon EQ Vs Volcano Flower Vaporizer

✅ Used for Flower / Resin / CBD concentrate
✅ a Volcano competitor
✅ Convection Hybrid Heater
✅ 3 Year Manufacturer's Warranty

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Delivery time 7 - 10 Days

Overall, the Arizer Extreme Q is easy to use, highly efficient, and pleasant to the touch. If you're looking for a high-end, affordable desktop vaporizer, consider this one an extremely solid contender.


Benefits of Arizer CBD Desktop Vaporizer

  • Balloon filling system

One of the advantages of the Arizer Extreme Q over the old version - is the balloon filling system, which makes it more versatile and convenient for groups. Reviewers admire the convenience of the three-speed fan system, which gives you complete control over the density of vapor filling the balloon.

  • steam pipe
Those looking for a traditional evaporation experience can take advantage of the Arizer Extreme Q's extremely long hose. It's made of medical tubing, which eliminates both the health risks and the rubbery feel!

  • Remote
Arizers Extreme Q has a remote control system that can be used to easily turn the evaporator on and off, adjust fan speed and regulate temperature. The settings are easy to adjust and reduce the time needed to start the vaporizer.

  • Guarantee
The electronics of Arizer Extreme Q are guaranteed for 3 years and the ceramic heating element is guaranteed for life. (Manufacturer's Warranty)


  • Last version
  • Balloon filling system
  • Medical vapor tube
  • Remote control for convenient use
  • Automatic timer

CBD Vaporizer Kit including:
  • Accessories (included)
  • USB cable
  • Liquid/wax dispenser
  • dab tool
  • cleaning brush
  • User Manual (English)

Accessories (included):

  • Manual
  • Food Vinyl Tubes
  • End pieces
  • 2x Cyclone glass tumblers
  • glass mixing tool
  • Additional spare screens
  • Removable ball system with 2 sets of balls
  • Potpourri / oil bowl (aromatherapy bowl)
  • Remote


How to use it ?

  1. Turn on your Extreme Q and choose your preferred temperature. Your unit will reach the desired temperature in approximately 5 minutes.
  2. While your unit is heating, grind your dry herbs, extracts or drop your essential oils into the bowl.
  3. Place the bowl in your unit in the place provided for this purpose.
    Optionally, connect the hose to the bowl and inhale!

    Place the balloon and start the ventilation. This will fill the balloon with steam. Once the balloon is filled to your liking, detach it and inhale!

Is the device guaranteed?

All ARIZER™ Extrem vaporizers are fully authentic and come with a 2-year and Lifetime Ceramic Coil Warranty.

Technical characteristics of the Arizer Extreme Q vaporizer:

  • Digital temperature control (in degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit)
  • 3 temperature sensors for more precision
  • 1m power cord
  • Remote Control Vaporizer
  • Designed and assembled in Canada.
  • Glass-to-glass connectivity
  • Glass container/bowl
  • Lifetime warranty on ceramic resistance.
  • Internal stainless steel heat protection
  • Works with (and without) remote control
  • Multi-use (personal spray, room spray, pot pourri).
  • LED indicator
  • LED screen
  • 4 fan speeds
  • Retro blue lighting under the vaporizer.
  • Inhalation via the balloon, therefore being able to remain mobile, as with a Volcano
  • Direct inhalation through the hose. So steam on demand.
  • Timer with automatic switch-off after 2 or 4 hours.
  • Essential oil diffuser and potpourri heater included
  • Glass-on-glass connections for an unaltered taste.
  • Internal stainless steel heat protection.
  • Works with (and without) remote control.
  • Swivel hose eliminates the need to turn the vaporizer in groups.

      Video Test of the ARIZER EQ (from the Youtub REM lag channel)

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      Advantages and disadvantages of the Volcano™

      + More concentrated vapor
      + More tasty
      + smoother session
      + budding economy

      - plastic
      - fragile
      - heavy and bulky
      - expensive price

      Advantages and disadvantages Arizer™ EQ

      + Beautiful and tasty vapor
      + adjustable bowl
      + light weight
      + Good value for money
      + possible session of 30 minutes

      - Less compact vapor
      - Basket that clogs up
      - glass materials (fragile)

      According to the law When selling smoking aids and electronic cigarettes online, the seller is obliged to verify whether the buyer has reached the age of 18.

      Please note to buyers:

      Vaporizers are goods within the meaning of the Hamon law ("sealed goods which have been unpacked by the consumer after delivery, cannot be returned for hygienic reasons") and the buyer cannot therefore withdraw from the contract. of sale for their delivery.

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      How to order ?

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      We accept Visa, Mastercard... You can also pay by bank transfer.
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