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baume cbd chien france
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baume cbd chien france
baume cbd chat
baume cbd chat et chien

Pets™ CBD Dog and Cat Balm 600mg

✓ Nourishes, repairs and protects
✓ 100% natural and organic ingredients
✓ Without Preservative
✓ Made in France

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Recently, interest in the possible use of CBD oil extracted from Hemp is gaining ground in veterinary medicine.

Veterinarians find it of interest and recognize the beneficial effects on animals. CBD for dogs is useful to help with many pathologies, thanks to the anxiolytic, anti-inflammatory effects, Cannabidiol can help with osteoarthritis and other pathologies.

CBD cat side effects

CBD for dogs, Side effect?

CBD does not present any risk for your dog, however in certain cases it can have a sedative effect or cause diarrhea, so be sure to respect the recommended doses.

It should be noted that THC ⛔, in addition to being prohibited, is toxic to pets, who seem to be much more sensitive to it than humans, due to the particularly large number of CB1 receptors.

All our formulations are THC-free and therefore non-toxic for our dog friends.

Why buy CBD dog balm

dog eats At CBDtech we love animals as much as you (wow!), this balm has a natural formulation to offer a high quality health supplement.
This balm is only composed of the highest quality natural ingredients. brings comfort and well-being to your dog's daily life.

The best of nature includes:

  • Organic hemp seed oil: soothes and nourishes,
    • Coconut oil: softening and softening

    CBD Balm Relieves, soothes, hydrates

    Specially designed and approved by animals, our nourishing CBD-based balm hydrates and soothes.

    Thanks to the natural power of plants, small wounds heal in no time.

    Discover other products from our range of CBD oils and CBD-enriched dog and dog foods.

    . CBD balm for dogs and cats

    What CBD Dosage for Dogs?

    Always start with the lowest dosage - a dab of CBD balm to start, massaging until completely absorbed, increase the dose if necessary.
    We advise you to supplement with CBD oil .

    How many times a day ?

    - 2 to 3 times a day supplementing with CBD oil
    - Cure of at least 30 days

    Every animal is unique, so your dog's dosage may be different depending on the animal.


    For external use only.

    Do not leave this product within the reach of children.
    This product is prohibited for minors.
    Store it in a preferably cool, dry place away from light.
    This product is not a medicine and can in no way replace medical treatment.

    CBDtech or its representative cannot be held responsible for any use other than that described above.

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    Organic hemp is a type of hemp grown sustainably without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers .

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