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Fusion™ Flower Pollen Ice Rock 98%

✅ Fusion Flowers
✅ 98% Pure CBD
✅ Powerful hemp scent
✅ Sativa-dominant

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The Ice Rock 98% Cannabis flower is a one-of-a-kind creation. Made from an extraordinary alchemy of flower infusion in Pure CBD oil, it offers an exceptional head with a naturally high CBD rate. This flower is intended for an informed and initiated public, because it provides strong and intense sensations. With its pollen envelope, it offers an explosive and very powerful hemp taste.

Ice Rock from CBD hemp flower pollen and infused 98% is finally available in France!

Discover Ice Rock 98% cannabis flower , a unique and powerful creation that will surprise you. This flower is the result of an extraordinary alchemy of flower infusion in pure CBD oil , creating an exceptional bud with a high CBD content.

But beware, this flower is reserved for connoisseurs because it provides strong and intense sensations. Covered with pollen, it offers an explosive and very powerful hemp taste that will leave no one indifferent. If you're looking for a unique and intense cannabis experience, look no further than Ice Rock. Order it now online at, available 24/7.

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Origins and cultivation of the CBD plant

This Ice Rock cannabis flower is a real gem, grown with love and expertise by specialist growers . Thanks to their know-how and a naturally rich soil, this variety has become one of the most beautiful flowers on the market . Cultivation in a greenhouse ensures a perfect balance between yield and the natural quality of the plant, resulting in perfectly formed buds full of resin. From the first inhalation , you will be swept away by its explosive cannabis flavor , accompanied by a powerful feeling of relaxation. This variety is reserved for connoisseurs, those looking for a unique and intense experience.

How to consume CBD Ice Rock flower?

There are several ways to consume CBD flower. Each allows for a different level of absorption of the molecule. We nevertheless recommend consumption in the form of an infusion and we advise against combustion, which remains harmful to health.

How to infuse your Ice Rock CBD Flowers?

The cannabinoids in CBD flowers are fat-soluble : it is therefore essential to infuse it in a fatty substance, and especially not in water , in order to extract the maximum amount of cannabinoids . The fatter your mixture, the greater the molecular extraction. Do not hesitate to mix the cannabis flower with whole milk, butter, fresh cream or even coconut oil. Heat your CBD flower blend as much as possible to optimize the effectiveness of CBD release.

Infusion is a mode of consumption by ingestion that allows you to take advantage of the benefits of CBD flowers.

CBD Ice Rock flowers in Inhalation?

It is possible to consume the CBD flower in the form of inhalation like cigarettes. Although this process generates many health risks by the combustion of the flower, it is particularly appreciated by former THC smokers in the withdrawal phase. We do not encourage or endorse the consumption of flower in the form of inhalation.

A healthy alternative to CBD flower inhalation?

Vaping is a healthy and effective consumption method favored by CBD users. No risk related to the combustion of the flower and without the addition of potentially carcinogenic substances, vaporization will allow both to control the proportion of CBD that your body ingests but also to optimize the virtues and benefits of CBD. The vape currently represents the best process for absorbing the CBD molecule.


tested and certified by the analysis laboratory

Why order CBD flowers from CBDtech France?

No sprays of soluble or CBD crystals have been made on our CBD flowers to boost their cannabinoid content . We ensure that you get a natural and legal CBD flower.

we have all CBD flowers tested beforehand by a second third-party laboratory to ensure the CBD and THC contents of each variety that we put on our site

What is indoor culture?

Indoor culture is an indoor culture using artificial light, it offers a 100% organic culture , without chemical fertilizers , which gives the flowers a natural and very compact appearance.

Why such a high CBD rate?

The Ice Rock Flower is the only one offered with such a high CBD rate, as explained above this flower is infused with CBD oil & covered with CBD Pollen. usually a natural flower is 5-6% CBD, so this flower is special for its high content.

A little expert advice : the fragrance of the flower must be the same on the outside as on the inside of the flower.

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Third-party lab testing involves having products analyzed by an independent company to verify their quality .

Organic hemp is a type of hemp grown sustainably without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers .

Organic Ingredient: Naturally grown, chemical-free and eco-friendly product.

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