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fleurs thc p 5%
fleurs thc p 5%

Flower THC P Δ Powerful Gelato ≈5%

✅ PREMIUM quality
✅ Powerful in THC p
✅ Indoor production mode
✅ Presence of relaxing terpenes

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Discover our Gelato 5% THCP flower, the very essence of exceptional. Immerse yourself in a unique and memorable experience with this exclusive strain, meticulously cultivated to offer you the best. With an exceptional THCP level of 5%, you can expect extraordinary sensations that will transcend your expectations.

Gelato THC Flowers ≈5% the most THC of CBD flowers is finally available in France!

flowers thc p 5% gelato
It is a variety of cannabis flower grown in Italy.
This THC P flower also called Gelato 5%
100% natural with sweet, woody, floral aromas.
Let yourself be enchanted by the power and captivating aroma of our THC p gelato flowers. Each inhalation will transport you to a state of sensory bliss, while each note of flavor will delicately caress your taste buds. The most demanding connoisseurs will be seduced by the richness of the experience that our Gelato 5% THCP flower offers.
It's time to take your experience to the next level. Invite your senses to an exquisite feast and experience deep relaxation and euphoria that will leave you speechless. Don't settle for the ordinary, choose the extraordinary with our Gelato 5% THCP flower.

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Where to buy your CBD flowers?

CBDtech delivers your organic CBD flowers directly to your address in France in 48 hours! Cbdtech is always looking for the best CBD flower producers.
✔️ Flowers are 100% laboratory tested
✔️ Grown in France using the most natural fertilizer available on the market.
✔️ Indoor Grown Flowers - indoors for superior quality! They are maintained and manicured by hand .

How to consume the flower?

There are several ways to consume CBD flower. Each allows a different level of absorption of the molecule. We nevertheless recommend consumption in the form of an infusion and we advise against combustion which remains harmful to health.

How to infuse your THC Flowers?

The cannabinoids in THC P flowers are fat soluble :
it is therefore essential to infuse it in a fatty substance, and not in water ,
in order to extract the maximum amount of cannabinoids .
The fatter your mixture, the greater the molecular extraction will be.
So don't hesitate to mix cannabis flower with whole milk,
butter, crème fraîche or even coconut oil.
Heat your CBD flower mixture as much as possible
in order to optimize the effectiveness of CBD release.
Infusion is a method of consumption by ingestion which allows you to benefit from the benefits of CBD flowers.

A healthy alternative to inhaling THC flower?

Vaping is a healthy and effective consumption method preferred by CBD users.
No risk linked to the combustion of the flower and without addition of potentially carcinogenic substances,
vaporization will allow both to control the proportion of CBD
that your body ingests but also optimize the virtues and benefits of CBD. Vaping currently represents the best method of absorption of the CBD molecule.

Vaporizing cannabis is more intense than smoking it?

Vaping cannabis can have a more intense effect than smoking,
according to a recent study published in the American Medical Association's journal, JAMA Network Open.
The study, led by researchers at Johns Hopkins Medicine,
is the first to find significant differences between
the two modes of consumption.

Dosage of THC P flower?

The ideal dose of a cannabinoid flower rich in THC P
is not the same for everyone.
Even plants with a THC content of 5%,
Everyone's sensitivity is different.
In this sense, there is no exact science that can determine
what dosage is suitable for a particular person.
The only way to know what dosage is right for you is to purchase CBD flowers from a flower shop like CBDtech, which offers organic and tested CBD flowers.

Start with small doses and increase them over time - that's the best advice you can get.

Reviews of CBD Flowers

I can confirm that I have real sleeping comfort and that the recovery of my cognitive abilities is due to the flower infusions...! In addition, to have a good taste, infused in milk + coconut milk, in the evening at bedtime. Thank you again for your valuable advice. Verified review - F.BRISSAUD


French analysis laboratory certificate

Beware of counterfeiting!

Terpenes are flavor extracts that are typically applied to CBD flowers with edible ethanol to add flavor to low-quality flower.

Strong points

✔️ Mild but powerful aroma without high effect

✔️ Terpenes which promote a relaxing and pain-relieving action

✔️ Eliminate stressful thoughts

A little expert advice : the scent of the flower should be the same outside as inside the flower. you might experience a scent that is more or less loaded with sweet taste with earthy nuances.

CBDtech cannot be held responsible for any use other than that described above.

Do not smoke (in accordance with current law) - Sale to minors prohibited - Do not drive after consuming CBD - Not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women Legal Notice: All products marketed comply with French and European law in terms of culture of hemp. -Hemp Law of December 2, 2016, n 242, published in the GU n.304 of 12-30-2016; -DPR October 9, 1990. N.309 TU Narcotics; -MIPAAF Circular May 22, 2018, “Circular on cultivation methods and rules of florovivalism”; -II Reg.-Delegate-n.-639-2014 Europe -II European legislation n. 1307/2013

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Good manufacturing practice (BPF) or GMP, this logo guarantees the quality, safety and conformity of the products manufactured.

Third-party lab testing involves having products analyzed by an independent company to verify their quality .

Organic hemp is a type of hemp grown sustainably without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers .

Organic Ingredient: Naturally grown, chemical-free and eco-friendly product.

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