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gelule cbd sommeil puissante
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flacon gelule à huile cbd sur une table de nuit

CBD Sleep Capsules 50mg Powerful x60

✅ Organic CBD 50mg X60 Capsules
✅ Made in France
✅ Broad Spectrum CBD, CBN...
✅ Third-party laboratory tested -0.3% THC

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Our Powerful Capsules with 25mg of CBD and 25mg of CBN will help you get back to sleep, essential for our physical and mental well-being. How about a solution that could help you get deep and restful sleep night after night ? Discover the 60 capsules of CBD Sleep oil from the ELEA brand - a help to fall asleep designed to revolutionize your nights.

🌱 Powerful CBD Oil Sleep Capsules

A Formula Designed for Sweet Dreams, ELEA's 60 Sleep CBD oil capsules are not ordinary. They are a concentrate of natural ingredients, meticulously developed to improve the quality of your sleep. Here's what makes them extraordinary:

The Magic of Melatonin

Melatonin, often called the sleep hormone, plays a vital role in regulating our circadian rhythm. Melatonin doesn't just help you fall asleep faster; it offers a multitude of other advantages:

  • Fall Asleep Faster: Taking a melatonin supplement before bed can significantly reduce the time it takes to fall asleep, which is especially helpful for those who have difficulty falling asleep naturally.
  • Circadian Rhythm Regulation: Our internal biological clock, the circadian rhythm, is essential for synchronizing our sleep-wake cycle with the daily light-dark cycle. Melatonin helps maintain this synchronization, which is particularly beneficial for night shift workers and those who suffer from jet lag. (recognized by EFSA)
  • Improved Sleep Quality: Melatonin not only makes it easier to fall asleep; it also contributes to the general quality of sleep. Studies have shown that melatonin supplementation can increase total sleep time and improve sleep continuity, thereby reducing nighttime awakenings.

Lavender the anti-stress

    Lavender, The benefits of lavender go beyond its soothing scent:

    • Relaxation and Calm: The gentle terpenes of lavender have the ability to relax the nervous system, reducing anxiety, stress and tension accumulated during the day. Inhaling the scent of lavender can create a calm environment conducive to falling asleep.
    • Fall Asleep Faster: Thanks to its relaxing properties, lavender essential oil can promote falling asleep faster, which is particularly helpful for people with a restless mind or high levels of stress.
    • Improved Sleep Quality: Lavender may help improve overall sleep quality by promoting deeper, more restful sleep. Recognized by EFSA .

    The Serenity of Ylang Ylang

      Ylang-ylang offers its own soothing and sleep-enhancing benefits:

      • Reduction of Nocturnal Awakenings: Ylang-ylang can help reduce frequent nocturnal awakenings by acting on the nervous system. By promoting more continuous sleep, it allows your body to enjoy more restorative rest.
      • Calm and Relaxation: Known for its calming properties, the sweet floral aroma of ylang-ylang can reduce stress, anxiety and tension built up during the day, creating a tranquil atmosphere conducive to falling asleep.

      The benefits of our CBD CBN sleep capsules:

      🌿 Full Spectrum CBD Oil: These capsules pack the power of full spectrum CBD, boosting the magic of the hemp plant for overall improved sleep.

      🇫🇷 Made in France: ELEA is proud of its French production, a guarantee of quality and purity.

      🍃 Natural Ingredients : Zero chemicals, ELEA capsules are made only from natural ingredients.

      🌬️ The Supercritical CO2 Extraction Method: When it comes to extracting the valuable compounds from hemp, supercritical CO2 extraction stands out as a cutting-edge technique, guaranteeing pure, premium hemp oil.

      🌟 Preservation of Purity: CO2 in the supercritical state acts as an ultra-pure solvent. When used to extract cannabinoids and other components from hemp, it ensures optimal purity, without leaving behind solvent residues or unwanted contaminants.

      🎯 Targeting Cannabinoids: Thanks to temperature control, it is possible to specifically target certain cannabinoids during the extraction process. Whether you prefer CBD, CBN, or other specific cannabinoids, extraction settings can be adjusted to suit your needs and tastes.

      🌍 Respect for the Environment: The CO2 used in the extraction process is a gas naturally present in the atmosphere, respectful of our planet. After extraction, the CO2 is simply released into the air, without leaving any toxic residue or negative impact on our ecosystem.

      🛡️ Health Safety 🛡️: Due to its purity and lack of chemical residues, hemp oil extracted via supercritical CO2 extraction is considered safe for human consumption, providing a high-quality experience without risk for health.

      🌊 Easy consumption

      The magic of capsules lies in their ease of use. No need to complicate your life: take simply a capsule And swallow it with a glass of water . A gait as fluid as water flowing in a quiet river.

      🌟 The hidden treasure in each CBD capsule

      Explore the natural and powerful composition of each capsule which offers you a real wealth of benefits:

      • Each capsule contains 25 mg of CBD and 25 mg of CBN
      • Subtle marriage of CBD, CBN, CBDa, Terpenes...
      • Melatonin / Lavender / Ylang Ylang
      • Precious vitamins A, C, B and E.
      • Beneficial minerals: Zinc, potassium, iron, calcium, phosphorus
      • Balance in Omega 3, Omega

      Product Specifications:
      60 Capsules of 1500mg of CBD and 1500mg of CBN i.e. 25mg of CBD + 25mg of CBN per capsule

      Tested and certified by the analysis laboratory.

      How to use CBD Capsules

      Beginner 50mg CBD = 1 Capsule.
      Strong 100mg CBD = 2 Capsules

      When using CBD for the first time, we recommend taking the lowest recommended dose and slowly increasing it over a week. It's a wise thing to do when taking a new supplement to see how it interacts with your endocannabinoid system.

      How long does the CBD effect last?

      The effects of CBD last for 6 to 8 hours,
      to benefit from it throughout the day it is therefore recommended
      to consume it twice, such as in the morning and in the evening.

      CBDtech likes ♥

      • Combination of CBD, Natural Organic CBN + Terpenes
      • Made in France
      • Organic Hemp without THC (-0.3%)
      • 100% Tested Production

      🚀 Information for optimal use:

      Your well-being and safety are our priority. Take note of these essential recommendations:

      • Keep these capsules out of reach of children, as you would protect a precious treasure.
      • Provide them with a cool, dry habitat to preserve their shine.
      • Remember, our capsules are not medical substitutes.
      • When in doubt, it is always wise to consult a healthcare professional.

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