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GPEN™ CBD Water Wax Concentrate Vaporizer
GPEN™ CBD Water Wax Concentrate Vaporizer
GPEN™ CBD Water Wax Concentrate Vaporizer
GPEN™ CBD Water Wax Concentrate Vaporizer
GPEN™ CBD Water Wax Concentrate Vaporizer
GPEN™ CBD Water Wax Concentrate Vaporizer
GPEN™ CBD Water Wax Concentrate Vaporizer
GPEN™ CBD Water Wax Concentrate Vaporizer
GPEN™ CBD Water Wax Concentrate Vaporizer
GPEN™ CBD Water Wax Concentrate Vaporizer

GPEN™ CBD Water Wax Concentrate Vaporizer

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[intro] Used for Wax / Wax / crumble CBD
Smart heating technology
Water cooling
Manufacturer's warranty 3 years

CBD vaporizer compatible with Flower / Resin / Wax / Concentrate / Crumble

The GPen™ Roam offers water cooling in a portable concentrate vaporizer that's built to last. An ergonomic design makes the Roam easy to carry and houses a glass hydro-tube that purifies and cools your puffs . The quartz tank does a fantastic job of preserving the flavor of your concentrate, even with the high temperature range of 315°C to 425°C.

Powered by a 1300mAh lithium-ion battery, the G Pen Roam charges quickly, can be used during the charging process, and stays in use for a whole day of vaping.

Draw and Soft Steam

Inside the Roam's ergonomic case is its hydro-tube glass water-cooled system. The hydro-tube serves as the "vapor path" for the Roam and is attached directly to the mouthpiece.

By keeping the hydro-tube so close to the mouthpiece, Grenco Science has ensured that you will get new puffs with every draw since your vapor goes directly from the chamber to your lips, with no gaps.

Quartz Tank

To help bring out the flavor of your concentrate, the G Pen Roam features a quartz tank. Compared to titanium tanks or heating elements, quartz does a much better job of letting you enjoy your draws and has a faster heat-up time.

The Roam vaporizer gets up to temperature quickly thanks to the quartz tank working in conjunction with the 1300mAh battery. Even with such a high temperature range, the Roam will allow you to taste your wax during sessions, delivering a mix of dense clouds and tasting notes.


Its outer casing in aluminum alloy gives a certain robustness. Although it produces high temperatures, it heats up little in the hand, which is a great technical feat.

High performance battery

You can recharge the Roam battery with the cable provided in the pack. The LED screen displays the battery level to know when to recharge it. Count a little less than 1h30 for a full charge, which is not excessive compared to dry herb models.

The G Pen Roam comes with a 1300mAh internal battery, which isn't the best choice for a device in this price range. The usage time is correct without being excessively long. It will allow you to do between 15 and 20 sessions, or about 45 minutes of autonomy.

To save the battery, in addition to the 30 seconds of maximum heating, the vaporizer turns off after 5 minutes if no action has been taken.


  • 1x G Pen Roam
  • 1x Quartz Tank
  • 1x Tank Cover
  • 1x Mouthpiece
  • 1x Glass Tube
  • 1x Micro USB charging cable
  • 1x Travel Case
  • 1x Loading Tool
  • 1x Cleaning Tips


In accordance with article 6 of Law № 65/2017 Sb., When selling smoking aids and electronic cigarettes online, the seller is obliged to verify whether the buyer has reached the age of 18 .

Please note buyers: Evaporators are goods within the meaning of Section 1837 (g) of Act № 89/2012 Coll., Civil Code ("sealed goods which have been unpacked by the consumer after delivery , cannot be returned for hygienic reasons") and the buyer cannot therefore withdraw from the sales contract for their delivery.

All the advantages of the GPen Roam:

  • Very good vapor quality
  • Water-cooled steam path
  • Very fast heating
  • Fast battery charging
  • The different heating modes
  • The body made of aluminum alloy does not heat up too much

Video expert opinion on the use of the Gpen Micro Pro ?

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