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huile patience tilyo france
huile patience tilyo france
huile patience tilyo france
huile patience tilyo france
huile patience tilyo france
huile patience tilyo france
huile patience tilyo france
huile patience tilyo france

Sleep™ CBD Oil + Adaptogens

✅ CBD and Adatogenic Plants
✅ Made in France
✅ Formula designed by doctors of pharmacy
✅ Third Party Lab Tested 0% THC

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Sleep Cure
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Tylio's "Patience" CBD Oil: a cure for letting go. Ideal for regulating your Mood 😴 and finding a soothing Sleep 🍩,

our CBD formulation combined with Adaptogenic Plants is the ideal choice for anyone suffering from nervousness and stress.

New wording :

Organic lemon balm - 10% (1500mg)
Broad Spectrum Organic CBD - 7% (1000mg)
Organic Linden - 7% (1000mg)
Organic saffron - 31mg
Lemon essential oils

Presentation of Patience oil by Tilyo in video:

The benefits of our CBD Adaptogenic Plants

The effects of Cannabidiol oil are numerous, using the cannabis molecule, without the psychotropic effect of THC ⛔️ present in the cannabis plant,

this one will help you regain your state of homeostasis 😍 (body / mind balance state) by stimulating your endocannabinoid system

Stress and anxiety issues are often linked to external conditions, and CBD can help calm the effects of being unwell – relieving symptoms of social anxiety, post-traumatic stress or even certain mental illnesses.” Both Animal and human studies have indicated that ingesting CBD can lead to a reduced state of stress.

Why Adaptogenic Plants?

Adaptogenic herbs help our body adapt to stress. – and that, in a completely natural way. The adaptogenic plant, once in contact with the body, modulates and regulates the needs of its host, by rebalancing the nervous system.

Scientifically Proven

The most reliable clinical evidence on the power of adaptogens has been studied in studies related to their neuro-protective anti-aging effects and on cognitive functions in the event of Stress as well as their effectiveness in states of chronic fatigue and depression [ Panossian 2011 ].

Here are our adaptogenic plants:

  • SAFFRON : a rare spice, saffron is known to fight against fatigue and overwork. Saffron is present in our formula
  • LEMON BALM: is a plant known since ancient Greece and mainly used for its benefits against stress , insomnia and overwork
  • LINDEN : Linden has been known for its antispasmodic, calming and sedative powers since Antiquity. It is known for its beneficial effects on sleep, stress and anxiety.

The benefits of CBD cannabidiol

  • CBD with anti-inflammatory power can reduce your various pains
  • Stimulates your endocannabinoid system to soothe you
  • It helps reduce our stress and thus sleep better by helping our brain receptors to release dopamine.

Additional ingredients:

  • Rosemary fights against stress and insomnia, the soothing properties of rosemary help combat these various ailments.

Why choose 'Patience' oil?

Benefits of TILYO Broad Spectrum Oil:

✔️ Formula designed by doctors of pharmacy
✔️ Broad-spectrum cannabinoids for an entourage effect cbd, cbg, cbn...
✔️ Combination of adaptogenic plants to enhance efficiency
✔️ 0% THC ⛔️
✔️ Publication of lab test results
✔️ Large Format Bottle 15ml | Made in France | Organic
✔️ 100% naturally organic
✔️ Best value for money for an exclusive formulation

✔️ Dose hard to find

Tested and certified in the analysis laboratory

by Christian Fucsik
Analytical Chemistry Engineer

CBD oil in pharmacies?

CBD oil is not yet sold in pharmacies in France apart from the drugs authorized by the ANSM such as Epidyolex and Sativex, however in view of the evolution of the market and the therapeutic trials in France which will have take place in March 2021, CBD oil should be on the shelves of French pharmacies.

How to use CBD oil/adaptogens

We recommend 3 to 4 drops 1 to 2 times a day,
duration of use of 30 to 45 days

Dose the CBD

When you first use CBD, we recommend taking the lowest recommended dose and increase it slowly over a week. It's a wise thing to do when taking a new supplement to see how it interacts with your endocannabinoid system.

CBD oil how long before effect?

CBD oil takes effect within an hour,
however, you must adapt the CBD intake schedule
according to your preferences and the results obtained.

How long does the CBD effect last?

The effects of CBD last for 6-8 hours,
to benefit from it throughout the day, it is therefore recommended
to consume it in 3 times, such as morning, noon and evening.

How else to consume CBD oil?

Cannabidiol oil is combined with coconut oil from sustainable agriculture. The oil can be added to a smoothie, dishes or other drinks - Our Recipes

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Third-party lab testing involves having products analyzed by an independent company to verify their quality .

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