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patch cbd anti douleurs
patch cbd douleur sport
patch cbd fort 64mg
patch cbd anti douleurs
patch cbd douleur sport
patch cbd fort 64mg

Curo™ Patch CBD Strong 64mg CBG CBN

✓ Transdermal patch CBD, CBG, CBN
✓ Effectiveness for 8-10 hours
✓ Convenient and Discreet
✓ Lab tested

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Curo™ CBD patches are an innovative solution to benefit from the benefits of CBD in an effective and discreet way. Made from hemp extract obtained by a cold extraction method, they guarantee maximum purity and a full spectrum of cannabinoids. THC-free and made with natural methods, they are a safe and reliable choice to improve your quality of life.

With Curo™, you can be sure of the quality of this brand recognized by the world for the quality of their products. Order now on our e-shop and receive your CBD patches in just 48 to 72 hours.

Innovative Cannabis CBD Patch with 64Mg for 1 month cure

The innovative CBD cannabis patch at 64Mg for 1 month of treatment is a medical patch to relieve osteoarthritis or inflammatory pain and also improves sleep.

CBD Patches are perfect for those who want to avoid the taste of CBD plus they gradually release CBD over a period of 8-10 hours with High Bioavailability (90-95%) allowing the body to effectively absorb the effects of CBD - It is advisable to use them every other day to increase their effectiveness.

Additional information :

64mg CBD per patch

Contains several cannabinoids for an entourage effect to improve the effectiveness of hemp patches:

In addition to CBD, the patches also contain other active cannabinoids, including CBN, CBC, CBCD, CBG, THCV, and THC. The patches contain only a negligible amount of THC -0.02%: their use will not cause a “high” feeling. These CBD patches are therefore legal for sale.

Effectiveness of CBD pain relief patches?

CBD Transdermal Patches offer many advantages over most other methods of cannabis consumption and are perfect for those who want the benefits of CBD but don't like the taste of CBD oil.

Due to their high bioavailability (i.e. the absorption rate of CBD into the bloodstream), these patches are not only convenient and easy to use, but they also provide long-lasting effects.

Generally speaking, CBD oils have a bioavailability of 40-50%. These CBD patches, on the other hand, feature an impressive bioavailability of 90-95%.

Instructions :

Remove the white backing from the patch and stick the CBD patch to the skin where little or no hair grows. After 8-10 hours, you can remove the patch from the skin.

Ingredients :

64mg of CBD per patch, totaling approximately 1024mg of CBD. Other cannabinoids: CBDV, CBN, CBC, CBG, THC (-0.2%) terpenes, terpenoids, release paper, non-woven, medical pressure sensitive, adhesive, penetration enhancers.

PDF printable product sheet

A few OPINIONS on CBD Curo™ patches:


great product really helps to sleep better.


The cbd capsules had already given me more relief than the cbd oil, but in the long term, the improvement was less durable and less marked too. So when I read your newsletter presenting the patches, I didn't hesitate long. And I don't regret this first try: the relief is almost immediate, after 1/4 hour I warm up, which allows me to fall asleep quite quickly and above all, a little miracle, I almost sleep again normal, both in length and quality! I had forgotten how good it is to get up feeling rested and without having suffered! I only use the patches at night because I don't want to overuse them and manage the pain through other methods during the day, but now I know that if needed I will have a effective solution at any time and quickly: THANK YOU :-) NB: only small downside, it seems that I am allergic to the "stickiness" of the patches, just like I am to that of the bandages, do you have an idea to solve this ( little problem ?

Susanne N.:

After an endless search for very severe pain, I found a solution that I can get through the day well with. I tried the patches out of desperation and didn't really believe in the relief. But after about an hour and a half, I was better. the CBD patches amazingly reduced the pain from level 10 to 3-4. And the best thing is that it lasts 9-10 hours for me. I've been using the patches for about 2.5 months now and they work like day one. I'm incredibly grateful that this solution exists for me.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about CBD patches:

Here is a series of questions most frequently asked by our customers:

Where to stick the cannabidiol patch?

you can stick it anywhere on dry hair-free skin, for example the shoulder, the arm...

What to do if a CBD patch comes off?

Answer: Do not re-stick the patch, but replace it with a new one, noting the date and time to calculate the new change date.

Can you take a shower with the patch on?

Answer: Yes, the patches are designed to be water resistant. It is recommended to avoid the sauna, too hot water, soap or apply cream to the place of the patch.

How to manage an allergic reaction to the patch?

Answer: Hypersensitivity reactions to transdermal systems are often reported. It can be a reaction to the active principle or to the excipients. In this case, it is necessary to remove the patch, do not stick anything there.

Can we increase concentration by increasing the frequency of patch changes?

Answer: No, the release of the active ingredient from a patch is controlled and occurs at a constant rate. It is important to respect the frequency of change given by the manufacturer in order to guarantee a plasma balance.

From when is the patch active?

Answer: The onset of action is 1-4 hours after applying the patch. When the patch is removed, it remains active for approximately 4-10 hours.

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