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Sleep X30 Night Patch with CBD
Sleep X30 Night Patch with CBD
Sleep X30 Night Patch with CBD
Sleep X30 Night Patch with CBD
Sleep X30 Night Patch with CBD
Sleep X30 Night Patch with CBD
Sleep X30 Night Patch with CBD
Sleep X30 Night Patch with CBD

Sleep X30 Night Patch with CBD

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About 25-30% of the population suffers from lack of sleep . In addition, sleep disorders occur at all ages. And the majority are women.

Innovative patch infused with Natural products to help you sleep better?

Anxiety and stress, first culprits?

If this hyper-vigilance, often linked to a concern for performance, is easy to understand, it becomes more complex when medical or neurological causes are added.

The list of external causes of sleep disorders, such as coffee, tobacco or alcohol, or simply the influence of light or temperature.

Triggers are driven by psychology, whether it's worry or genuine emotional distress.

The main symptoms are:

  • difficulty falling asleep
  • get up too early
  • wake up tired

Insomnia is the most common form of sleep disturbance. Symptoms include difficulty falling asleep, staying awake for a long time, waking up too early.

Usually it is stress related and they are normally temporary in nature. If the symptoms persist for more than ±3 months, then it is chronic insomnia.

Why use a Transdermal Patch?

The main advantage of the sleep patch is that it has a much better bioavailability (4 times higher) than an oral product. Due to the slow release, the patch gives a gradual dose over 8 hours. No peak occurs due to sudden high dose. Therefore, the effect is longer and more even.

The benefits of the Transdermal Patch are:

  • High bioavailability (4 times higher)
  • Slow release in 8 hours
  • Convenient and less expensive on a daily basis

Warning the Night Patch does not contain CBD you can supplement with the Day Patch for a CBD Intake

Natural ingredients:

The sleep patch contains a blend of 10 enhancing ingredients.

The main ingredient is magnesium , which helps the body make melatonin. Numerous studies show that the mineral magnesium plays a major role in sleep processes.

We use magnesium malate, which has the highest bioavailability.

The main natural ingredients are:

  • Magnesium (malate) 400mg
  • Potassium 65mg
  • 5-HTP 65mg
  • Zinc 5mg
  • and also a blend of sleep-enhancing ingredients like (6mg total): Ashwaganda Extract, Chamomile Extract, Passion Flower Extract, Valerian Root Extract, Hops and L-Theanine.

Have a good night's sleep from €1 per night! (for the purchase of 60 patches)

Additional Night Patch Information:

  • Only for adults
  • Natural Formula
  • Easy to use
  • Useful against jet lag
  • 30 patches per box

How to use the Night Patch?

Apply 1 hour before going to bed.

Remove the backing and apply the patch to hair-free, clean and dry skin. Best places on the body: outside of the shoulder, inside of the arm, top of the foot, shoulder blade, lower back or upper thigh. Vary body and skin area for best results.

Use regularly for a minimum of 14 nights. The results and response differ per person.

Remove the patch in the morning after waking up.

Magensium malate (400mg), Potassium (65mg), 5-HTP (65mg), Zinc (5mg), Ashwagandha (1mg), Chamomile (1mg), Passion flower (1mg), Valerian (1mg), Hop (1mg), L -Theanine (1mg) = 541mg per patch.

Good manufacturing practice (BPF) or GMP, this logo guarantees the quality, safety and conformity of the products manufactured.

Third-party lab testing involves having products analyzed by an independent company to verify their quality .

Organic hemp is a type of hemp grown sustainably without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers .

Organic Ingredient: Naturally grown, chemical-free and eco-friendly product.

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