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vaporisateur herbe et resine
vaporisateur herbe et resine
vaporisateur herbe et resine
vaporisateur herbe et resine
vaporisateur herbe et resine
vaporisateur herbe et resine
vaporisateur herbe et resine
vaporisateur herbe et resine

Volcano™ Salon Flower and Resin Spray

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The Volcano™ desktop vaporizer is the Rolls Rolls of vaporizers thanks to its ease of use, battery life and technology
The iconic Volcano Classic Digital Vaporizer will give you many relaxing moments while inhaling with your favorite CBD flower.
The herbs you choose are heated to the optimum temperature and the pure steam produced by the device provides your body with valuable active ingredients. This use of the beneficial effects of herbs is free from toxins created during the burning process.

How does the herb and resin vaporizer work?

The heating system of the herbs or resin is well thought out, the vapor is in an airtight bag guaranteeing a high quality of inhalation.
The device heats up for about 3 to 5 minutes, using hot air, which passes through the flower / resin heater in order to release the aromas and active ingredients, which evaporates in the plastic balloon at high resistance.

The use of the balloon is simple and very practical. The capacity is enough for 50 to 100 puffs, depending on your pace and intensity of inspiration.

How does the volcano vaporizer work in video?

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The advantages of Storz & Bickel vaporizers

  • 3 years warranty
  • Adjustable tank capacity
  • Wearing
  • Vapor quality
  • Simple to handle

High quality is in simplicity

The device is made of durable and safe brushed metal, which makes it resistant to high temperatures. In the production of the vaporizer, high quality materials were used that do not change the taste of vapor.
They also ensure a long life of the vaporizer. Volcano Analog Solid Valve combines the power of a desktop vaporizer with the advantages of mobile devices. Thanks to the Easy Valve balloons, which you can fill and take anywhere, your inhalation takes place where you want it and how you need it. The vapor contained in a sealed balloon can be stored for several hours without changing its density and flavor.

The Volcano's temperature range is from 40°C to 230°C, you set it with the analog dial on the device housing. After filling the Easy Valve balloon, the vaporizer switches off automatically, so it is absolutely safe to use.

Volcano Vaporizer with Easy Valve Kit

The Volcano Classic Analog vaporizer is available with a rich set of equipment.
If you choose this option, you will receive up to 4 Easy Velve balls with mouthpieces and one with an adapter.
In addition, the kit includes a drying chamber for the Easy Velve valve, 3 closures for the chambers and a ring, a cleaning brush.
If you also prefer wax and concentrate refills, the Liquid Pad is included in the kit. Plus, a high-quality Storz & Bickel rotating clothesline and a set of Volcano air filters.

Vaping is an alternative for anyone who can't imagine life without the benefits of using hemp or other dried herbs.
Vaporization is a way to release the active ingredients in weed, in the case of cannabis cannabinoids such as CBD, CBD, THC, THCC and many others.
Thanks to this process, no combustion takes place, so we get rid of all tar-like substances. For this reason, our inhalation is much healthier.
Another advantage of using vaporizers is that they are more discreet than traditional methods of using cannabis. Vaporizers have another advantage over traditional smoking: they are much more efficient.
With traditional smoking, only 25% of the active substances are found in our body, while this can reach 60 to 80% with vaporization. Vaping is an investment that pays for itself quickly.
We need much less dryness to achieve the same effect. The vaporizers allow for microdosing starting at 0.05 grams, which is perfect for people who value efficiency, economy and health.

Included in the Volcano™ Kit:

1pc. VOLCANO CLASSIC Hot Air Generator (230 Volt)
4 pcs. EASY VALVE Ball with Mouthpiece
1pc. EASY VALVE Balloon with Adapter
1pc. Filling Chamber for Herbs
3 pcs. Filling Chamber Circlip
1pc. Filling Chamber Ring
1pc. Standard Sieve Set (approx. Ø 30 mm)
1pc. Liquid Pad (approx. Ø 28 x 4 mm)
1pc. VOLCANO Air Filter Set
1pc. Herb Grinder (approx. Ø 55 mm)
1pc. Cleaning Brush
1pc. Manual

The sale of vaping products to minors under 18 is prohibited - Public Health Code Art. L.3513-5 and R.3515-6. By placing an order for this product on you certify that you are over 18 years old.

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