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CFX™ Boundless CFX Vs Mighty Vaporizer
CFX™ Boundless CFX Vs Mighty Vaporizer
CFX™ Boundless CFX Vs Mighty Vaporizer
CFX™ Boundless CFX Vs Mighty Vaporizer
CFX™ Boundless CFX Vs Mighty Vaporizer
CFX™ Boundless CFX Vs Mighty Vaporizer

CFX™ Boundless CFX Vs Mighty Vaporizer

✅ Resin / Concentrate / Cartridge 501
✅ Dense Steam
✅ Fast heating
✅ 4 Adjustable LED voltage

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[intro] Usages for Flower / Resin / CBD Concentrate
a Mighty competitor
Convection Hybrid Heater
LED Adjustable Temperature

Boundless CFX takes vaporizer innovation to the next level. With a warm-up time of 20 seconds or less, a 1.7-inch TFT display and a rugged exterior, the CFX is one of the fastest and most efficient handhelds in the industry.


CBD Herbs & Resins VAPORIZER

CFX herbal vaporizer

Get the best of both worlds with the hybrid convection/conduction CFX evaporator, which works well with dry herb and extracts.
If you want to get great results every time you use this direct competitor vaporizer to the Mighty by Storz & Bickel for a low price!!
You can take care of yourself, knowing that this powerful technical product protects you.
Whether you're an avid user or want a versatile device you can take anywhere, the Convection Vaporizer can withstand the stresses of life, and a shell designed for comfort and hand protection and light weight yet strong.

From dry herb to concentrates using a water hose adapter - explore the unique ways you can vape with our guide to How to Use CFX to Get the Most Out of Your Vaporizer.

  • Fully insulated hull
  • 20 second heat up time, powerful 80 watt heating element
  • Full temperature control (37°C–221°C)
  • OLED digital display (4.3 cm)
  • Switch between Fahrenheit (F) and Celsius (C)
  • Easy and constant steam (all types of grinding)
  • Large capacity chamber
  • Suitable for dry herbs and concentrates
In terms of performance, the Boundless CFX rivals the best portable vaporizers, which is quite remarkable considering its price.
CBD Vaporizer Kit including:

  • Accessories (included)
  • USB cable
  • Liquid/wax pod
  • wrapper/dabber tool
  • cleaning brush
  • User Manual (English)

CFX Vaporizer FAQs

How to use it ?

  1. Find the herb chamber opening by simply sliding the mouthpiece, which is locked with a magnet from the vaporizer body.
  2. Place the finely ground herbs in the chamber and slide it back.
  3. Start CFX by pressing the power button 5 times within 2 seconds and continue to use the up and down arrows while looking at the screen to select your preferred temperature.
  4. In about 20 seconds the device will reach the selected temperature and you can start creating thick clouds of vapor.

If you want to vaporize concentrates, such as waxes or oils, simply use the included dabber tool to fill the capsule with concentrate and place it in the chamber.

For best vapor quality, evaporate dry herb at 185-200°C, increasing the temperature a few degrees in the second half of the session to get the most out of the herb.
Wax and concentrates evaporate well at the same temperature throughout the session, so adjust the CFX to around 190-205°C depending on the consistency of the wax and maintain that temperature.
When evaporating the oil, stick to 185-200°C. Either way, the Boundless CFX evaporator will deliver quality crystal-clear vapor every time.

Is the device guaranteed?

All Boundless CFX evaporators are fully genuine and come with a 2 year warranty.

This device Heats by Convection ??

CFX uses both conduction and convection heating to provide you with energy throughout the day.

Thanks to the rapid heating (only 20 seconds!), you can choose between more or less thick clouds leaving a pleasant taste in your mouth.

The dual heating system provides a smooth and impressive vapor quality, ideal for group sessions or microdosing during the day

Features :

  • Ultra light weight: 340 Gr (0.75 lb)
  • Dimensions Length: 120mm x 70mm x 30mm [4.7in x 2.8in x 1.2in]
  • Temperature setting: 37.8°C-221.1°C (100°F-430°F)
  • Battery capacity: (2) internal battery with a capacity of 2500 mAh
  • Single charge sessions: 10-15 sessions
  • Heating system: Hybrid conduction and convection
  • Warranty: 3 year manufacturer's warranty
  • 90 day battery warranty

    Our opinion after test on the CF portable vaporizer

    Worthy of the well-known 'Mighty' vaporizer, the CFX Vape will give you a very good experience at the fairest price.

    The aromas are well released thanks to the ceramic bowl, and the powerful heating allows the preparation of good steam.

    The temperature setting is perfect and the CFX Vape can evaporate both herbs and resins as well as waxes and concentrates.

    It is a competitor of the Mighty vaporizer, it is still a bit behind in terms of battery life but more than enough for reasonable use.

    However, the CFX Vape is still very good value for money.

    Video Test of the Mighty Vs CFX (from the Youtub REM lag channel)

    List of pros and cons of CFX:

    • + Charging time = 1h30
    • + Bowl 0.6 Gr. Long session
    • + Bowl for resin or wax
    • + Steam and good flavor at low temperature 185°
    • + Its price - from 150€
    • - Not pleasant vibrating effect
    • - Harsh steam at high temperature 200°
    • - Less efficient cooling
    • - Taste of plastic during the first times

    List of advantages and disadvantages of the Mighty:

    • + Plastic quality
    • + Efficient cooling
    • + Flavor Good and smooth vapor at all times.
    • - Charging time 2h
    • - Bowl 0.3 Gr.
    • - Its price 300€ approx.

    According to the law When selling smoking aids and electronic cigarettes online, the seller is obliged to verify whether the buyer has reached the age of 18.

    Please note to buyers:

    Vaporizers are goods within the meaning of the Hamon law ("sealed goods which have been unpacked by the consumer after delivery, cannot be taken back or exchanged for hygienic reasons") and the buyer cannot therefore terminate the sales contract for their delivery. the 2-year warranty is valid only in case of device failure / supported by the manufacturer.

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