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CBD for horses

CBD for horses

Many people use CBD oil successfully, and more and more horse owners are curious and ask: can it help my horse too?

What is CBD?

CBD, or cannabidiol, is the active ingredient found in cannabis. Unlike THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), it won't get you (or your horse) high, but users claim it can help with inflammation, anxiety, digestive issues, etc., by working within your body. a system that our body already has.

CBD how does it work?

In the 1990s, scientists discovered the endocannabinoid system , a network of receptors found in all vertebrates, including horses, donkeys, and mules.

Receptors are found throughout the body (brain, skin, blood vessels, gastrointestinal tract, etc.) and we produce chemicals called endocannabinoids that bind to them. CBD and other active ingredients in cannabis also appear to bind to these receptors.

What can CBD cure?

can cbd cure horses?

When it comes to the therapeutic potential of CBD, research is limited but promising. The National Agency for Veterinary Medicine (ANSE) cautiously recognizes that cannabis has "therapeutic prospects", in particular for "treating epilepsy and controlling pain and inflammation associated with osteoarthritis".

Equine veterinarians are interested in CBD because their clients are asking questions after Europe legalized CBD for humans.

“No one had used cbd in horses, but people used it in dogs, which gave rise to treatments for horses”

So far, the best results have been obtained in the treatment of anxiety in horses. CBD appears to improve concentration and reduce anxiety caused by external stimuli without creating a dumb, calm animal. In addition, according to the first trials in humans and dogs, it can treat mild osteoarthritis as well as digestive pain.

THC and CBD?

THC is the active cannabinoid in cannabis that causes "intoxication", while CBD does not cause this similar effect.

When dealing with more severe pain, for example in animals with cancer, CBD can help in the short term, but at this stage it tends to be unbearable for high doses.

Although ANSE has begun to recognize the therapeutic potential of CBD in animals, the organization still warns veterinarians not to recommend it outside of well-controlled clinical trials. Besides the fact that the research is still in its infancy, the organization's concerns are rooted in regulatory issues.

According to a recent statement on the AVMA's website, cannabis-derived products marketed for animals "have not followed the traditional route of FDA approval," and recent lab analysis shows that many products are inaccurately labeled.

Will my horse get high?

Of the dozens of cannabinoids found in cannabis, THC is the one that causes the plant's characteristic euphoria.

Currently, CBD products for horses marketed in France are made from hemp, which by definition has an extremely low THC content (less than 0.2%).

Many manufacturers including Cannabidiol, Vetlab also test their products to make sure they don't contain THC. So no, they won't get your horse high.

Buy CBD for horses?

Do a quick Google search for CBD for horses and you'll find plenty of targeted products. There are oils, pastes and more. But since the research is still new and the regulations are unclear, what should the responsible horse owner do?

It will take work, but it can be done. Look for a product with a therapeutic dose of CBD that is easy to dose and pure without thc.

Look for a certificate of analysis, if possible, or ask if the company does lab testing and what quality control measures it uses.

What Dosage for CBD for my horse?

An important function of clinical trials is to determine which part of the drug will provide benefit with minimal side effects. Since CBD is only in the early stages of study and clinical trials in horses are usually done with very small numbers of horses (often only 8-10), users should estimate the dose .

However, there are a few basic rules. As with many other drugs, horses seem to be more sensitive to cannabinoids than dogs, so don't treat your horse like a 500kg dog.

The standard therapeutic dose for anxiety in horses (500kg) is 70-125mg of CBD while for intensive pain treatment it may be necessary to increase the dose.

Warning : as a precaution, always start with a lower dose, eg 50mg for a 500kg horse and increase over 1 week to find the right dosage.

Recommended dosage according to the size of the horse:

  • Mini: 25 to 50mg
  • Normal Adult (500kg): 75 to 170mg
  • Large breeds: 120 to 200mg

The most common problem for horse owners is that they use too low a concentration of CBD.

“Most CBD oils for horses contain very few cannabinoids because you have to give a lot for the same effects”

Osteoarthritis in horses?

horse arthritis

Some experts and horse owners see improvements in their horses' osteoarthritis/arthritis from the use of CBD.

It is important to read the dealer's recommendations carefully to find out if a CBD product will meet your needs and to determine what dose to give your horse.

For example, 100mg of CBD-infused horse biscuits may be an insufficient concentration, choose a pure dose of CBD.

So whether you choose a CBD paste, oil, or edible, make sure they provide enough CBD for your needs.

Before you start giving cbd to your horse, consult your veterinarian. Although they may not be qualified to recommend a product, they can help you determine the dose, avoid drug interactions, and monitor side effects.

When to avoid giving CBD?

Despite the few side effects of CBD, it is not suitable for all animals.

Cbdtech cautions against administering CBD to pregnant or lactating mares and notes that reproductive effects in breeding stallions are unknown.

Although not toxic, CBD is banned by a number of organizations that regulate competitions, including competition commissions and individual breed and show associations. It is worth doing a preliminary study to ensure safety and compliance with the rules if your horse is in competition.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a prescription from my veterinarian required to purchase horse formulas?

No, all CBDtech products, including our horse formulas, can be purchased without a prescription.

Does CBD work on all horses?

Yes and no. All animals, including humans and horses, can benefit from the addition of phytocannabinoids such as cannabidiol (CBD). All mammals have an endocannabinoid system responsible for regulating and creating homeostasis between various biological systems, including the immune system, skeletal system, neurological pathways, endocrine system, etc.

There are many health benefits associated with using cannabidiol to maintain and stimulate the responsive endocannabinoid system.

Anecdotal and preclinical evidence for cannabidiol as an anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anxiolytic, and anticonvulsant agent has been well established.

However, since there are many variables for each particular disease state or specific condition, it is possible that even if one horse responds almost miraculously to the use of cannabinoids, another does not derive much benefit from it. , if applicable.

Before deciding to buy a CBD product, you should gather as much information as possible about its effects and applications. After reviewing the research, the final step will be to obtain premium, full-spectrum CBD and see how your pet reacts specifically to these cannabinoids.

Is CBD safe in high doses? What are the side effects ?

There are many studies that prove the effectiveness of CBD in treating various conditions. Most of these studies have concluded that CBD (cannabidiol) is safe and causes almost no side effects. The review on the safety and side effects of cannabidiol, for example, shows that the controlled administration of CBD (cannabidiol) is safe and non-toxic in humans and animals. Additionally, according to this review document, “high doses of up to 1500 mg/day of CBD have been reported to be well tolerated in humans”

Customer Opinion On the use of CBD for Horses

Customer reviews having used are still rare given that the use of CBD in the world of equines is not common.

However, some web pages in the United States indicate positive opinions from customers delighted with the use of CBD on their horse. also on the use of the CBD patch, a basic use for humans but which, according to some customer reviews, is an effective alternative solution.

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