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CBD a new ally for Sensitive Skin

CBD a new ally for Sensitive Skin
To stop inflammation and regain comfort, opt for SOS formulas and soothing textures!

Too much pollution , fatigue , inappropriate products and it's "Dermatological Burn Out"

a chronic micro-inflammatory condition that accelerates aging.

Natural Cannabidiol Solutions for Healthy Skin

Under the influence of internal (genetic, hormonal, metabolic) and external conditions (ultraviolet rays, pollution, tobacco...) the skin is stressed.

First symptoms?

Redness, sudden appearance of a sensitive, uncomfortable epidermis that reddens, tingles or itches at the slightest contact with cold, heat or cosmetics.

It's a sign that it's time to reconsider your beauty routine, otherwise you will exhaust your skin.

To stop inflammation and regain comfort, opt for SOS formulas and soothing textures!

Cannabidiol from the hemp plant with a soothing effect

Hemp contains two active ingredients: THC, the known psychotropic molecule, and cannabidiol (CBD), known for its effects on stress.

To extract the latter, hemp plants whose THC level does not exceed 0.2% are extracted by CO²s process in order to obtain an oil very rich in cannabinoids.

Unlike hemp oil extracted from the seeds which has little or no cannabinoids. READ LABELS WELL!

Thus, CBD-infused cosmetics work on skin sensitivity and help reduce redness and eczema .

As a bonus, CBD is a super antioxidant that helps renew cells, nourishes and firms the skin.

Ultra Purifying CBD Treatment

cbd skin

The upper layer of the skin, made up of dead cells and lipids, has two main functions: blocking external aggressions and retaining water in the epidermis. When it is out of balance, water loss is accelerated and harmful substances can enter it.

This change causes and maintains skin pathologies: the damaged epidermis loses up to 5% of ceramides every day, which causes protective processes such as inflammation , pH imbalance, microbial flora and increased stress . oxidative.

To restore the barrier and soothe irritation, it is necessary to offer a hyper-regenerating treatment enriched with protective and emollient active ingredients, such as collagen , polyphenols or Cannabidiol which limits inflammation.

Cleanser + Actives

makeup remover

Care for sensitive skin begins with makeup removal.

To avoid irritation, it is better to forget foaming products rich in aggressive surfactants, and favor hypoallergenic ingredients, which can be applied to the entire face and massaged with your fingertips.

It is important to be gentle, as the dirt particles have a star shape that scratches the skin when rubbed. Finally, the right gesture is to place your hands flat and press them lightly, then gently lift them to remove the dirt without damaging the epidermis.

Pure Vegetable Oils

Vegetable oils extracted from seeds and oleaginous plants use their richness in omega 3 to improve the condition of sensitive skin.

Sunflower and Calendula oils are very soothing and great for soothing inflammation, and Sweet Almond oil is great for restoring skin reactions and damaged barrier. Calendula oil is also well known for its anti-inflammatory and soothing effect on redness. They can be applied as a preliminary treatment to prepare the skin before a day or night cream, or topically on the treated areas.

Anti-Redness Formulas

rosacea skin

When the skin becomes inflamed by the slightest change in temperature, emotion or exposure to the sun, it is called “ rosacea ”.

This phenomenon is manifested by the appearance of redness of small papules and visible blood vessels under the skin, usually in the central region of the face. Its cause is unknown.

The skin becomes very irritated. To reduce it, you must first limit water loss and strengthen the elasticity of capillaries with rich creams and care products designed to normalize microcirculation.

Ginseng and red algae extracts help reduce blood supply to the skin, while Cannabidiol (CBD) helps reduce inflammation .

La Maskné, a term coined by dermatologists, refers to the symptoms caused by wearing a mask:

  • irritated skin, redness, imperfections that take advantage of "occlusion" to develop. To limit this phenomenon, a double deep cleansing (to rid the skin of impurities accumulated under the mask and a lotion to eliminate microparticles and persistent residues) is essential, followed by a gentle cleansing treatment!

    Beware of Irritating Surfactants

    What is the difference between sensitive and allergic skin?

    Skin sensitivity is a lifelong condition due to a change in the barrier function of the epidermis, where irritants chronically penetrate.

    The skin tends to react badly to irritants (cream, dirt, temperature changes, etc.), whereas normal skin shows no discomfort.

    The allergic epidermis reacts in the presence of a certain allergenic substance and returns to its normal state when it is no longer in contact with it. Its barrier function does not intervene and its sensitivity is temporary.

    What are the factors to avoid?

    It is important to remove hygiene products containing irritating surfactants, alcohol-based, to be careful of environmental factors such as smoking, pollution, air conditioners and UV rays, and in cities to avoid wash your face with tap water.

    Sensitivity can be increased by hormonal fluctuations, psychological factors, certain medications or alcohol, spices or very hot drinks.

    Can you make up sensitive skin?

    Yes, but since she is prone to redness, she should be evened out with a foundation product designed for her and formulated without sensitizers.

    Hybrid preparations combining care and make-up are good alternatives:

    they are rich in soothing agents, have a fluid texture and often have a sun protection factor in addition to their make-up and covering properties.

    How CBD Products Can Help Treat Acne

    Over the years, studies have shown that CBD can help relieve many ailments. One of the most talked about things about CBD is how it can relieve feelings of anxiety and depression.

    However, you might not know that it can also work wonders for a common cosmetic problem.

    How Can CBD Products Help Treat Acne?

    As most people know, acne is a common skin condition that can cause painful bumps and pimples on the skin.

    Although there are many tools to help with this problem, one possible solution is CBD.

    Cannabidiol (CBD) has been shown to reduce the amount of inflammation in the pores and reduce the amount of sebum produced by the skin. While some amount of sebum is helpful because it coats and moisturizes the skin, too much of it can lead to oily skin and acne.

    The effect of CBD in reducing inflammation and the amount of sebum in the skin can lead to less acne.

    What does the research say CBD is acne?

    Many studies have been conducted in recent years that show that CBD products can help your face look cleaner and healthier.

    • In 2017, a study found that CBD had anti-inflammatory properties.
    • A similar study conducted in 2014 looked at the effect of CBD on sebocytes, which are the cells that produce the oily substance in your pores.

    When a person overproduces sebum, they have oilier skin. This is what causes acne. This study found that CBD helps stop the overproduction of sebum by skin cells, which in turn helps skin become less oily and leads to less acne.


    Once you know how CBD products can help treat acne, you're probably wondering which products to buy.

    One of our fantastic products that you will have to try is one of our topical creams.

    If you are looking for a specific product, lanvia's PEAUDOUCE ™ calming cream has been shown in numerous customer testimonials to reduce sebum production.


    If you have difficulty distinguishing creams or need further advice, you can always speak to your dermatologist.

    They can help you determine the perfect product to help your face become healthier. There's nothing more embarrassing than walking around with bad acne, but luckily with the help of CBD and your dermatologist, you can have less acne.

    Now that you know how CBD products can help treat acne, you're ready to take the next step towards healthier skin.

    Be sure to consult your dermatologist for recommendations. If you have any additional questions about us or any of our products, please don't hesitate to contact us and we'll help!

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