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CBD e-liquid: all you need to know about CBD for electronic cigarettes?

CBD e-liquid: all you need to know about CBD for electronic cigarettes?

(CBD) or Cannabidiol can be used in different ways: oil, capsules, creams,... However, one of the forms most used by users remains e-liquid, which is intended to be inhaled by an e cigarette. .

What's in a bottle of CBD e-liquid? What are the advantages of using steam to absorb the dose of cannabidiol? Is it actually legal? And where do you find the best CBD e-liquid based in France?

Here's everything you need to know!

E-liquid CBD: all about CBD for electronic cigarettes

CBD e-liquid is only one of the many forms in which cannabidiol can be marketed as an end product for simple consumption.

Here, the CBD is associated with a preparation intended to be administered by an electronic cigarette (better known as a "vape")

For the record, CBD is one of the most common cannabinoids (active substances in hemp, or cannabis). including THC, consumed for its psychotropic effects.

Cannabidiol does not, however, have any “high” effect. On the contrary, its effects are rather considered positive - provided you find a good product, such as an e-liquid CBD Bio & Made in France.

What does a CBD e-liquid cartridge contain?

E-liquid blends containing CBD, like all e-cigarette liquids, are made from a mixture of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, a base to which manufacturers sometimes add one or more flavorings (or terpenes) to improve the taste.
Cannabidiol comes from pure CBD crystals, a formula that guarantees no THC in its preparation.
Can also be derived from a Full Spectrum Cannabidiol, in order to benefit from all the advantages of terpenes and the many cannabinoids present in the plant.

Cbd Full spectrum or Full spectrum in French contains in addition to Cannabidol Cannabichrmine CBC, Cannabigerol CBG, Cannabinol CBN also all the terpenes and flavonoids present in the cannabis plant

full spectrum cbd

The combined effect of cannabinoids creates what is known as the “Entourage effect”, which has significant health benefits.

This product, perfectly adapted to the vape, does not contain anything dangerous. Does not contain nicotine to facilitate smoking cessation. Unlike other e liquids for electronic cigarettes.

Cannabidiol content can be 100mg, 150mg, 200mg, 300mg, up to 500mg (dose per 10ml vial)

Why consume Cigarette Liquid?

  • Ease of use, There is no need to dilute your Refills
  • Freedom, It is very easy to take your electronic cigarette everywhere
  • Discretion, For those who want to remain discreet, the iliquide CBD looks like any other type of Liquid for cigarettes.
  • A precise dosage, The simplicity of the indications in terms of dosage and concentration allows users to know perfectly how much cannabidiol they consume.
  • High bioavailability, the term refers to the proportion of absorption by the body. The rate of bioavailability of the vape is 20% , against 8% for ingestion.

The consumption of cannabidiol in e-liquid therefore allows a better level of absorption and faster efficiency of cannabinoids. In this sense, CBD e-liquid is more economical for daily use.

What are the benefits of CBD e-liquid?

Cannabidiol has many benefits. It is an anti-inflammatory agent, reduces pain and helps fight against stress . In fact, inhaling e-CBD helps combat stress and anxiety, sleep disturbances, inflammation, chronic pain, and certain nerve diseases like epilepsy.

If these effects are given for informational purposes only and are still under study, we recommend that you consult your doctor before using any products containing CBD.

In addition, its use does not lead to the release of dopamine , unlike nicotine , which means that cannabidiol is not addictive.

CBD e liquid can be recommended to quit smoking , and thus quit smoking, without toxicity to the lungs and without nicotine.

However, CBD, in any form whatsoever, is not a drug & is also not a medicine, of which only products that have been certified by ANSM can bear the mention of medicine.

Is cannabidiol-based e-liquid legal in France?

Products containing CBD are authorized for sale under conditions, while the THC content is prohibited. To date, French legislation is based on two rules:

  • The ban on end products made from hemp plants with a THC content of more than 0.2%.

This strict regulation involves verifying the origin of the cannabidiol-based products you consume, and using serious resellers, capable of certifying the quality of their products, such as CBDtech which offers legal e-liquids according to French regulations. of organic origin & French manufacturing!

Vapodiol the French brand for CBD products

If cannabidiol does not cause any health hazard, this does not mean buying CBD products from any retailer, without paying attention to the quality and origin of the hemp plants used for the manufacture.

In addition, the rigorous legal terms governing resale and consumption make it preferable to contact conscientious professionals who are experts in their field.

This is the case of CBDtech This shop offers high quality products (including CBD e-liquid), designed with 100% organic hemp, manufactured in FRANCE in order to offer products in good standing with the law (less than 0, 2% THC in hemp plants) which guarantee flawless traceability!

vapodiol cbd Which e liquid to choose?

It turns out that for a few years now, more and more French people want to try their hand at e liquid , and that is completely understandable!

As we have seen in the past, it turns out that the electronic cigarette makes it possible in certain cases to reduce dependence on nicotine: vapers can thus take advantage of it to be able to find a very good alternative which they no longer can. to happen next.

However, it is clearly not easy to be able to find the best e liquids on the market without necessarily having to spend incredible sums.
Here are some tips that we can only recommend you to follow to be able to find good e liquids at unbeatable prices. You will be able to have the choice today to buy an electronic cigarette and e-liquids in several places:

  • You could first go to a specialized store that sells electronic cigarettes as well as e-liquids: this is a great opportunity for all beginners who want to see an electronic cigarette with their own eyes, but unfortunately the value for money is not at all there, and you will not save money with this solution
  • Otherwise, you can choose to go to your tobacconist to be able to get e-liquids. It turns out that this is very practical, especially for all those who vape and who need to buy e-liquids for troubleshooting, especially on weekends when the shops are all closed. But as you can imagine, the selection is very limited, and the prices are much higher than elsewhere, which is completely understandable.
  • Finally, you could rather go to an online sales site specializing in e-liquids, as there are in France and elsewhere in the world. With this option, as you will see, the prices are much more attractive on e-liquids and you will really be able to take full advantage of them!

It turns out that this last option is the one we can only recommend! However, as you will see, the choice is quite wide in e-liquids and it is sometimes very difficult to be able to make your choice.

How to find your way around an online e-liquid store?

If, like many French people, you have had the opportunity to decide to buy e-liquids from an online sales site specializing in the field, then the few tips that follow should indeed help you. Here are the characteristics to take into account on an e-liquid site to be able to make your choice more easily and without taking the risk of making a mistake.

  • First start by looking at the different brands of e-liquids: there are many more than you think, and on online sales sites you will have the chance to filter on some of them that will be distributed
  • Then find out about the different ranges available to be sure and certain that it corresponds to what you expect and that you don't make mistakes like many other vapers.
  • Consult the different flavors that are available on the different online e-liquid sales sites: with certain tastes of fruit that have nothing to envy anyone, you would not risk being disappointed by the many proposals that will be made to you. !
  • Look at the different nicotine levels offered to you on e-commerce sites, because as you can see, some rates are zero but others are much higher!

Finally, do not hesitate for a second to find out about the online sales sites for e-liquids that you will be able to find, whether it concerns for example the delivery which must be done as soon as possible, or the possibility of to be able to benefit from promotional codes.
It is not uncommon indeed to be able to benefit from a significant reduction for your first order, and this could well decide you to take the plunge to buy e-liquids.

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