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Top 5 for vaping instead of smoking

Top 5 for vaping instead of smoking

Vaping is a controversial subject. Some say it's safer than smoking, others say the opposite. So what is true?. Today we will look at the matter from the point of view of logic. The reasons why you should vape instead of smoke.

What are the top five reasons to vape instead of smoke?

As this debate escalates, it's important that you understand the facts and can piece them together, because it won't get done for you in the press. The question of whether to smoke or vape is very relevant these days.

#5 Who likes the smell of cold tobacco?

When you smoke, you constantly fill your mouth with...smoke. Even as an occasional, evening smoker with a bong or a joint.

And if I don't smoke anything, I definitely don't want to smell that tobacco or cannabis smell. If you are a regular smoker, you will no longer smell or taste the smoke, but others will.

Having the smell of an ashtray is neither attractive nor sexy. Maybe the visual sensation of smoking has acquired a level of sexiness in our culture, but the smell and the damage that comes with it, not so much.

Think of someone you like to be around, then think of constantly having to deal with the smell of smoke they give off. If you inhale smoke, don't expect your mouth to smell or taste good.

If you smoke, not only will your mouth taste like an ashtray to anyone who puts their mouth close to yours, but anyone within breathing distance will also smell cold smoke.

The 1st reason why you should vape instead of smoke is to get rid of that cold tobacco breath!

#4 No smoky hair, furniture, clothes...

Think of all those times you came home from a crowded event or club night smelling smoke in your hair, even though you didn't smoke anything.

Think of the deep smell of smoke in your clothes when you take everything off in the late evening. And if you smoked, the smell of smoke on your hands. Smoke seeps everywhere...

Now think about your home. If you are a smoker and you smoke indoors, every part of your home is infused with smoke. The air is loaded with it, and your furniture and curtains smell like a big ashtray. It will be in your carpets, in the covers of your bed, in your closet full of clothes.

And anyone who enters the house will smell this mild to extreme smell of stale tobacco. Personally, I've never really enjoyed being in that kind of place or sitting inside with someone who won't quit.

And it's just smoke. Think of cigarette butts lying around, old wrappers, plastic wrappers. There are probably ashes on the floor from the fallen ashtray and there may be cigarette burns on the couch. The walls and your own hands can have this yellow tint.

Reason #4 to vape instead of smoke? So that your life does not smell of smoke.

#3 Cancer, respiratory diseases and heart diseases?

The title of this section is a bit uncertain. I'm definitely a fan of vaping over smoking, but I would never say there's no risk of long term harm.

Dry herb vaporizers are safer, but e liquid vapes or puffs are very popular and we are not supposed to inhale this type of substance into our lungs.

We're not made for that, we breathe air. So there is a chance later that it turns out that e-cigarettes really cause problems for your lungs.

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Moreover, there are chemical additives which are put in e-cigarettes for various reasons which are also harmful. Their constant exposure can certainly lead to the problems described in this title.

When I say they don't cause this damage, I mean (and that's supplements aside) that there's no evidence of it so far. However, even this claim is somewhat flimsy given that vaping as it currently is still new, within the last five years.

cigarette vs vaporizer infographic

Diseases associated with vaping versus smoking?

That said, I can feel the ravages of smoking on my throat and lungs pretty quickly. I may be more sensitive than the average person, but I'm not exposed to more smoke than anyone else.

On the other hand, I can vape all day without these handicaps and without triggering an asthma attack or burning my throat. Even with a lower quality e-liquid vape.

A recent independent study in the UK, commissioned by Health Secretary Sajid Javid, concluded that vaping does not cause the same problems as cigarettes and should instead be encouraged.

In the UK, 78,000 people die from smoking every year. In the United States, deaths are 480,000 per year. 163,700 from cancer. 113,100 from respiratory diseases and 160,000 from cardiovascular diseases.

So that's your third reason to vape instead of smoke, vaping has nothing to do with smoking issues that cause premature death.

#2 Passive smoking!

passive smoking

The second reason why you should vape instead of smoke doesn't even apply to you.

One of the most ridiculous things about smoking is the complete lack of respect for others to subject other people to a habit that can kill them.

According to preliminary data from the CDC, there will be almost 110,000 deaths from passive smoking in the United States in 2021. 41,000 people die every year simply because they live in a smoking environment. Maybe these numbers are uncomfortable for smokers, but they are real.

41,000 people are confronted each year with the harmful effects of cancer, cardiovascular disease and respiratory problems not because of their bad habits, but because of the smokers who surround them.

Think about what that means. If you are a smoker and have a spouse, children and a dog, all of these creatures are exposed to your smoking.

I'm not saying every smoker is a selfish jerk, but it begs the question. If a person is willing to keep doing something that hurts them so much, why do you expect them to be sympathetic to the same pain they cause another?

Vapor deaths from vaporizers are non-existent, which means that if a smoker switches to vaping, they are automatically doing something good for everyone around them.

Your reason #2? stop smoking ? To not kill other people around you.

#1 You don't inhale combustion tobacco?

One of the most disturbing aspects of the vaping debate is the amount of misinformation. The harm of smoking isn't because tobacco is a horrible plant.

Tobacco is like many other plants and has many medicinal properties that have been used for millennia in different cultures.

The way to make it dangerous? Combustion and inhalation.

The harm of smoking comes from inhaling the products of the burnt material, and it doesn't matter what material it is. There are worse things to smoke than tobacco.

Consider smoking plastic or real wood. Tobacco sold in the standard tobacco industry is certainly a chemically laden mess, with many of these added compounds also harmful.

The cigarette smoker is subject to constant combustion/inhalation of smoke when smoking. Do you know this term? “ Smoke inhalation ”? The same one we associate with burning houses and wildfires? Well, it's no different than smoking weed or cigarettes.

It is often incorrectly said that weed is safer to smoke than cigarettes. In this way, we miss the sense of real danger that smoking also hides.

Of course, smoking weed is just as harmful. But a joint, pipe or bong smoker is much less likely to constantly fill their lungs with smoke.

The average cigarette smoker smokes about 14 cigarettes a day according to Statista (the majority in the group is 10-19 cigarettes a day), with each cigarette requiring about 11-26 puffs according to a 2020 study . This averages 18.5 puffs per cigarette. That's 185 to 351 times a day to fill the lungs with smoke if you only look at the averages.

Keep in mind that many people smoke a lot more, sometimes two packs a day or even more...

When it comes to really worrying about the whopping 480,000 deaths per year caused by the harms of smoking (direct or secondary), it means knowing what to worry about. While tobacco is cited as the culprit, all tobacco products - including vaping products - are demonized.

From a non-combustion standpoint, this makes vaping the clear winner, whether vaping e liquid or dry herb .

This is the most important thing about vaping, it means combustion is never part of it. And more than anything else, not inhaling combustion products (or exposing someone else to them) is the biggest advantage of vaping over smoking.

Choose your Vaporizer:

UK smokers encouraged to vape

UK health authorities have launched a new anti-smoking initiative called ' Swap to stop ', encouraging smokers to switch to vaping. Thus, one million adult smokers will receive free vaping kits. The aim is to make the UK tobacco-free by 2030 by helping people quit rather than imposing bans.

However, tobacco control NGOs are critical of this campaign and call for stronger regulations on vaping, especially in terms of taxation and advertising, to protect young people. The Action for Smoking and Health (ASH) calls for vaping products not to be displayed at the point of sale and for their packaging to remain plain to reduce their attractiveness.

According to ASH data, the number of 11-18 year olds vaping regularly increased to 8.6% in 2021 from 4% previously. Thus, more and more European countries want to tighten regulations around vaping, such as banning disposable electronic cigarettes in Scotland to protect the environment and young people, or banning all flavors for vaping devices in Scotland. Netherlands except the tobacco flavor before the end of the year.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Below you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about vaping instead of smoking.

What is the difference between vaping and smoking?

First of all, smoking means burning matter and inhaling smoke. On the other hand, vaping means heating a liquid or dry herb to form a vapor, which is then inhaled. Both have a similar effect on the body as they allow entry into the lungs.

However, vaping has many advantages over smoking as it does not involve combustion. In addition, the vapors produced are less irritating to the respiratory tract than cigarette smoke. Finally, toxic compounds found in cigarette smoke, such as carbon monoxide and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, are almost entirely absent when vaping.

Why do people vape?

People vape for a variety of reasons. Some do it to try to quit smoking, others do it because they like the taste and feel of smoking without the harmful health effects. Some people vape to relax, especially after a long day at work. Others do it because they enjoy the vaping experience, especially in the company of friends. Finally, some will vape because it's cheaper than smoking cigarettes.

What are the health effects of vaping?

The health effects of vaping are still largely unknown because the practice is relatively new. However, several studies have already been conducted to assess the potential risks of evaporation. Most studies have been conducted on animals, which limits their conclusions.

However, some studies show that vaping can have adverse health effects, especially on the cardiovascular system. This is because vaping is associated with increased heart rate and high blood pressure. Additionally, spraying can irritate the airways and increase the risk of respiratory infections.

Other potential adverse health effects of vaping include nicotine addiction, sleep disturbances, and headaches. For lack of evidence,

How many people vape in France?

There is no exact figure on the number of vapers in France, but it is estimated that there are around 3 million vapers in France. Vaping is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to smoking as it is considered less harmful to health. Additionally, vaping is considered more acceptable than smoking, which is likely why the number of vapers has increased dramatically in recent years.

The dangers of Passive Vaping?

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), e-cigarettes are harmful, although they are probably less toxic than regular cigarettes. The WHO considers that the vaporizer has not proven its effectiveness in helping smokers to quit. This position is disputed by other health organizations.

The National Academy of Pharmacy believes that vaping allows you to wean yourself off tobacco and that it is less harmful than tobacco. The High Council of Public Health considers that the vapoteuse should not be used as a means of smoking cessation by doctors, for lack of hindsight on its benefits and risks.

In conclusion, the National Anti-Tobacco Committee demands the total ban of all flavors (excluding tobacco) in devices containing nicotine. Ambiant air". People around you, especially children, should not be subjected to passive vaping.


When it comes to vaping or smoking, it's definitely a personal decision. In doing so, however, you may want to consider the points above. Nicotine is not lethal, but it is addictive. If you're going to feed your habit, it's probably best to do it in the healthiest way possible. For you and everyone around.

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