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Opinions on the CBD our customers testify

Our customers testify to the benefits of Canabidiol CBD

A new look at therapeutic cannabis thanks to a French pilot project?

The French government has signed a decree to start a two-year medical cannabis pilot project which should start in March 2021.

Purpose of therapeutic cannabis?

3,000 patients suffering from disabling illnesses will be able to be relieved, such as chronic pain or some epileptic disorders .

"Today's vote was eagerly awaited, especially by patients," commented Belgian MEP Frédérique Ries.

You will find below testimonials from our customers in order to provide you with feedback, to help you in your approach.

Camille - Verified Review -

CBD testimonials - Camille

SUPER MIRACLE I took this oil because I often have pain during menstruation and this oil calms them enormously, I can finally live normally during this period.



Clarisse B - Verified Review -

testimonial CBD - clarisse -

Hyper moisturizing and restorative cream , pleasant smell and easy to apply! Immediate effect I recommend!



The Horus Dog - Approved -


I use it on my dog ​​who has a neurodegenerative disease for which there is no treatment, CBD is beneficial to her and I see that she lives better since she takes it, it was seen from the first takes.


Natasha P - Verified Review -

cbd testimonials - reviews

I wanted to test this oil to calm my migraines and it works! It instantly calms multiple pains. And as we know it's natural, it's great, much better than taking medication that makes pain chronic. A miracle oil for me thank you.

F. Brissaud - Verified Review -

cbd testimonial - verified review

I can certify that I find a real comfort of sleep and recovery of my cognitive faculties it is thanks to the infusions of flowers ...! In addition, to taste good, infused in milk + coconut milk, in the evening at bedtime. Thank you again for your valuable advice. And thank you also for the little gift slipped into my last package (the blue lollipop)

+ Customer Reviews...

I started taking it last week for better sleep and muscle pain, and it has worked wonders. It also made me less anxious even though I didn't even take it for that. Tia

I started using it only for general wellbeing, but noticed many "side effects". I first noticed more energy in the morning (I even quit my morning coffee thanks to CBD), better sleep, and less anxiety. After a while, I noticed that I had more willpower (I'm also quite lazy, to be honest), faster muscle regeneration (I'm a climber), and almost no sore muscles (although I also use CBD balm for this). I use about 20-30mg in the morning and 50-60mg about 2 hours before sleep. I also used CBD for my cat and she had no seizures for the last 2 years of her life (died at 21).

I always use full spectrum (I've tried a few broad and isolated products, but I just get a lot more benefits from full spectrum).

I took it for anxiety and it calmed my mind a lot and I noticed it made me a little more social. I also took it before a college presentation and it seemed to make my heart beat a little less and I felt more confident.

I tried taking the capsules containing 10mg of CBD, brand called “serenity”. I seem to feel a little less anxious in the evening

I'm thinking of trying to make my own edibles with CBD flower. I have asthma so smoking really irritates my throat/lungs.
Also, it might not make a huge difference compared to smoking for asthma, but vaping is much more effective at getting CBD into your body and less irritating than smoking while still being even more “immediate than edibles.

I am in Canada, I believe we are allowed 3 plants? I will definitely review it if I find the edibles work for me.

I've heard a lot of people suggest that too. Do you also vape yours? Have you tried the oils? how did you experience it?

It doesn't work for me in any form.
because… it's always so much better with a little thc.

I use about 50mg per night to help with sleep and general wellbeing and it works great for me. I have noticed that I get better results with a full spectrum blend (i.e. with a THC content of 0.03 or less) than CBD only.

It saved my life. I now grow my own plants and make my own oil.

i put it in my morning coffee, helps with caffeine and jitters, also helps with morning headaches

I also use it for general well-being. Helps sleep, lightens the mood and is relaxing.

I like it. it is not a miracle oil that spontaneously erases your pain, but more so, it calms the muscles a little. definitely helps me sleep longer at night.

I'm going to try making my own, as I've tried making flowers straight into food, and it works for me consistently!

Helps my mum sleep longer and happier, she suffers from anxiety so she takes it sublingually right after dinner.

Definitely worth it and effective if I feel less anxious and worried about sleeping through the night.

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