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Terms and conditions for dosing our products

Assay Terms and Conditions


CBD oil and related products are strongly discouraged for pregnant women and prohibited for minors. Does not replace prescribed medication and we therefore advise you to consult your doctor. CBD is a dietary supplement. This is enshrined in European law and these laws apply to all cbd sellers.

We inform our readers

This website contains general information on food, health and nutrition. All information provided here or through this website is for educational purposes only. The information should not be construed as advice and should not be treated as such.

Our products are THC-free in order to comply with current French law.

The data generated are estimates made by our team and in no way replace medical advice. Our doses are the taking of cumulative information from public resources. All indications on this page do not replace the advice of your doctor and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

The maximum is not the best
The maximum dose of cannabidiol (CBD) absorbed by the human body without side effects is 160 mg per day, divided into 3 doses taken every 4-6 hours*. Even though humans have a maximum tolerance threshold, there is no "correct" dosage of CBD. The optimal dose for a consumer depends on several factors, such as weight, CBD tolerance, and the degree of pain or discomfort the consumer experiences. The nature of the CBD product and its concentration are other important considerations, as some products interact with the body differently.

Be patient and don't get discouraged
Some people have no significant effect in the first two weeks. The advantages can be gradually realized within the framework of a so-called long-term programme.
The best way to find the right dosage for your body is to start with a very small amount of drops. If the user does not feel any change, he can increase the dose up to 10mg and increase it gradually until the symptoms disappear.

“The real way to get the right dosage is to do it based on your experience and feelings,” Dr. Sulak

You should also consider the condition of the symptoms you are trying to relieve. From inflammatory pain and digestive issues to migraines and sleep disturbances, there are a number of indications that may require different dosages. If your symptoms cause severe pain, seizures, or other extreme symptoms, higher doses may be needed.

We considered this information when designing our CBD dosing algorithm. Our calculator allows our users to select an intensity associated with symptoms to better estimate the recommended dose of CBD.
Do not hesitate to consult your doctor before starting treatment.

To take full advantage of the full spectrum, cannabinoids must be absorbed through your mucous membranes or epidermis. If the assimilation is not carried out correctly, you will lose on average 25% of the effects of the molecules.
To get the most out of it, you must follow specific instructions for use:
- Shake the bottle well to use all the molecules of the full spectrum.
- Place the appropriate number of drops under the tongue and allow the oil to be absorbed by the mucous membranes for at least 30 seconds.

The information on this page is general to guide you. The content is indicative and is therefore considered as an additional opinion. Any importance you attach to our indications is entirely subject to your responsibility. as well as the partner laboratories do not assume any responsibility for the non-compliance of the use of CBD products. When planning treatment with any food or medical product, we recommend that you consult with your GP. and partner laboratories make no health declarations on CBD-based products and recommends consulting your doctor before consuming CBD-based products or starting a Dosage cure. All claims presented on this page should be considered as an indicative option. We have no official position on the use of CBD.

Health food commissions and anti-drug associations have in no way verified our statements.

Good manufacturing practice (BPF) or GMP, this logo guarantees the quality, safety and conformity of the products manufactured.

Third-party lab testing involves having products analyzed by an independent company to verify their quality .

Organic hemp is a type of hemp grown sustainably without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers .

Organic Ingredient: Naturally grown, chemical-free and eco-friendly product.

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