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cookies cbd
cookie cbd france
recette cbd cookies
cookies cbd
cookie cbd france
recette cbd cookies

BloomCie™ CBD Cake Cookies Milk Chocolate

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CBD cookies Milk chocolate recipe, hazelnut praline

These chewy CBD-infused cakes from Amber & Allison with a taste of yesteryear not only contain the best ingredients from Organic Farming and 100% natural hemp, but are also refined with a delicious

Only natural ingredients are used in our workshop in Nice, these delicious Made In France cannabis cake.

Homemade cbd recipe with hazelnut praline heart and palm oil-free, gluten-free milk chocolate chips, which will impress any lover of sweet delights.

Each delicacy contains 10mg of CBD and guaranteed
⛔️ 0% THC is the perfect ally against everyday stress

You like ♥ pastries,
wait until you taste this CBD-infused cookie !

All our products are made in France, by hand, in an artisanal way, in small batches to guarantee unparalleled quality and freshness!

How to consume cbd Cookies?

  1. Open the fresh bag of Cookies
  2. Eat 1 or 2 soft cookies at a time
  3. Do not forget to close the zip bag after consumption
  4. Keep your Cookies for a maximum of 10 days after opening

Ingredients :

Almond*, oats (gluten-free)*, muscovado sugar*, coconut oil*, milk chocolate chips, hazelnuts, natural vanilla extract, baking powder, sea salt, CBD hemp extract*.
* From Organic Farming.
Allergens: nuts (almond, hazelnut), lactose (milk chocolate)
Net weight: 100g

Our gourmet recipes ♥

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