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huile cbd 15% no stress lanvia
huile cbd no-stress
huile cbd 15% no stress lanvia
huile cbd no-stress

Nostress™ 15% Organic CBD Oil

✅ CBD and HE Neroli Flower
✅ Made in France
✅ Ideal formulation for your stress
✅ Third Party Lab Tested 0% THC

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The benefits of CBD oil are numerous, using the cbd molecule extracted from the hemp plant, will help you regain a state of homeostasis by stimulating your endocannabinoid system, in order to help reduce your pain, stress, anxiety. ..

Organic CBD oil, benefits against Stress and Anxiety

this cbd oil helps manage your stress , also called cannabidiol oil which, combined with orange blossom and 15% of Full Spectrum CBD , is the perfect choice for anyone concerned about their overall well-being. CBD oil is combined with coconut oil from plantations that are part of sustainable development agriculture.

The benefits of CBD oil, an Anti-stress molecule?

The endocannabinoid receptors present in our body play an important role in our nervous system according to several studies.

Although CBD research is in its infancy, some studies suggest that CBD can treat anxiety.

Here are some examples of the benefits of Cannabidiol oil

  • CBD has a power anti inflammatory
  • THE cannabis , regulates your hunger, satiety effect, less stress
  • Stimulates the body's natural metabolism which helps in the management of anxiety
  • Reducing stress and anxiety , regular exercise and a balanced diet promotes well-being
  • It allows you to sleep better by helping our brain receptors to diffuse dopamine, therefore to find a restful sleep.

    What is Neroli flower?

    Plant native to India and North Africa, orange blossom, also called “essence of Neroli” is a plant with a thousand virtues of well-being and cosmetics. This plant is recognized on the market as being The anti-stress flower, exerting calming powers.


    How effective is CBD in treating symptoms related to stress and anxiety?

    Research Trusted Source, published in 2019, examined whether CBD could improve sleep and/or reduce anxiety.
    72 subjects participated in the study, of which 47 suffered from anxiety and 25 from sleep disorders. The subjects each received 25 milligrams (mg) of CBD capsules per day. During the first month, 79.2% of patients reported lower anxiety levels and 66.7% reported improved sleep.
    Pain, which can also lead to trouble sleeping, can be alleviated with CBD
    A 2018 review from Trusted Source in Frontiers in Pharmacology noted that there is ample evidence to support the claim that CBD relieves pain. The authors note that by reducing chronic pain, CBD may improve sleep.

    CBD has a wide range of potential for many symptoms. CBD exerts anxiolytic, panicolitic anti-compulsive actions as well as a reduction in the expression of conditioned fear.

    Buy CBD to Reduce Stress

    CBD is extracted from unmodified, organically grown cannabis plants.
    We only work with hemp producers who select plants with a high CBD content and from which any THC presence is removed during extraction.
    Therefore, the THC level does not exceed 0.02% which eliminates all psychoactive reactions while preserving all the benefits of cannabidiol.
    Devoid of any chemical substances, our oils are free of all heavy metals or solvents.
    carebidiol nostress cbd oil

    CBD Broad Spectrum or Broad Spectrum Full Definition

    our full spectrum cbd is extracted directly from plants, may contain other cannabinoids such as Cannabigerol (CBG) Cannabichromene (CBC) or Cannabinol CBN. All other cannabinoids and terpenes are retained to provide greater efficacy.

    lab leaf logo

    Tested and certified by the French analysis laboratory LEAF

    by Anne-Karine GROSDEMANGE
    Laboratory Manager
    Analytical Chemistry Engineer

    How to use CBD oil

    cbd oil 15% contains approximately 1500mg of cbd in a 10ml vial. 
    and about 240 drops in the bottle. 

    So, you have to divide 1500 mg by 240 drops and that'll give us 6.25 mg per drop. We recommend an amount of CBD of around 10-25 mg per day. 

    Dose the CBD can be a challenge for new users. You can use our CBD dosage guide to determine the daily dose of CBD based on your weight (see chart below).

    dosing table

    When you first use CBD, we recommend taking the lowest recommended dose and increase it slowly over a week. It's a wise thing to do when taking a new supplement to see how it interacts with your endocannabinoid system.

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    • the combination of CBD and Neroli flower
    • Made in France
    • Organic hemp without THC
    • 100% tested production

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    Good manufacturing practice (BPF) or GMP, this logo guarantees the quality, safety and conformity of the products manufactured.

    Third-party lab testing involves having products analyzed by an independent company to verify their quality .

    Organic hemp is a type of hemp grown sustainably without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers .

    Organic Ingredient: Naturally grown, chemical-free and eco-friendly product.

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