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Hack your performance with microdosing!

Hack your performance with microdosing!

Mystical psychedelic experiences require us to surrender control, to have a deep capacity for surrender, and to overcome moments of meaningful overreach. Although such experiences, when conducted safely, can be profound and therapeutic,

is this the best way to do it? Do we need a "trip" through our consciousness to benefit from the power of psychedelics?

Minimum effective dosage

In this article, you will learn about low-efficiency experiments compared to peak experiments.

Minimum effective dose The term " minimum effective dose " may sound like an oxymoron, like a contradiction in terms. But is it so?

How is the ideal dose of a substance initially determined, and what, if anything, would benefit from taking a minimal amount?

Research Gate defines it as follows:

"Minimum Effective Dose (MinED or MED) and defines the lower limit of useful therapeutic doses. MinED is important because most drugs have an increasing potential for safety issues with increasing dose. MinED is typically studied over the course of the Phase II drug development The short definition of MinED from the International Conference on Harmonization (ICH) guidelines is “ the smallest dose with an apparent beneficial effect .

From 1995, this Pubmed research paper explained the term as follows: "Current approaches compare treatment doses to placebo dose through selected contrasts to determine the lowest dose level at which the contrast is statistically significant."

Optimize your performance

But the idea of ​​a minimum effective dose (MinEd or MED) seems to have taken off thanks to Tim Ferriss' book The 4-Hour Body.

4 hours for an amazing body - tim ferriss

Since then, the fitness industry has become one of the best examples of MinED . Professional athletes are increasingly aware of injuries and the consequences of the long and hard training philosophy.

Training protocols such as HIIT, and low weight/high rep training are variations of minimum effective doses. They are found to be just as effective and with a significantly lower risk of injury or long-term disability for the athlete.

Like exercise, psychedelics can be recreational, but ultimately they are "work." Psychedelics induce moments of deep self-reflection during and after larger doses, and therefore are generally not abused or overdone.

Test scientists

"Citizen" scientists experiment quietly at home and participate in the studies and research conducted by Dr. James Fadiman and others.

One of the studies found that you don't have to take a "trip" trip to benefit from the magic of psychoactive mushrooms . Over 1,000 people from 59 countries responded to Fadiman's survey , admitting that their microdosing protocol was around 1/10 or even 1/20 of a recreational dose and taken no more than 3 times per week, with between doses at least 48 hours of break.

Subperceptual doses (means a level of intensity or quantity that is lower than what is perceived or detected by the senses or consciousness) with regular breaks have been shown to be profoundly beneficial and effective.

One group tested microdosing

Just over 1,000 people pushed science to take notice. This small group of people has been the source of countless articles, podcasts, and discussions about the art of psilocybin microdosing .

When taking truffles with psilocybin , the MinED or microdose is usually between 0.2g and 2.0g . For magic mushrooms , the range of microdoses is even lower, from 0.1g to ±0.3g.

How could such small and perhaps imperceptible amounts have an effect, let alone so many positive effects?

Can taking just 0.1 grams regularly and intermittently boost neuroplasticity , balance our moods and help us break addictive habits ?

One month maximum It should also be kept in mind that when it comes to larger doses of psilocybin, the positive benefits diminish over time.

This article, published in Nature , states: "Although negative affect and brain response to affective stimuli were reduced, 1 week after psilocybin they recovered within 1 month, suggesting that psilocybin may have initiated a process dynamic and neuroplastic, which persists for at least several weeks."

Wesana Health is a pioneering mental health company with a primary focus on the treatment of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). It describes itself as a data-driven life sciences company that is at the forefront of drug development for mental health issues through psychedelic therapies.

Wesana's unique protocol involves administering a single large dose of psilocybin in a clinic, which is then followed by self-administered maintenance microdoses to maintain the positive effects over time.

The wisdom of Kaizen

Kaizen wisdom refers to the application of the principles of Kaizen, a Japanese concept meaning " continuous improvement ", to different aspects of life. Kaizen is a continuous improvement process that aims to reduce waste and increase efficiency by identifying and correcting problems in a systematic way.

The Kaizen philosophy is extremely useful in our personal and professional life. Instead of trying to make drastic changes in your life overnight, you should start with small daily improvements. "Focus on improving 1% each day. Small improvements begin to build on the previous day's achievements. At first, the changes will seem small. Gradually, you will begin to notice improvements. Over time , profound positive changes will occur. One percent accumulates daily and doubles every 72 days."

Compared to homeopathy. It turns out that the main difference between the minimum effective dose and homeopathy is that the minimum effective dose is based on scientific evidence , whereas homeopathy is based on theories that have not yet been scientifically proven .

Scientific Studies of Microdosing

As for psilocybin microdosing, the results of the first double-blind, placebo-controlled study were published just a few months ago.

Scientific research is beginning to prove that the benefits of microdosing are real, not placebo, and of course measurable.

truffle microdosing

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Conclusion :

it is quite clear that small amounts taken at regular intervals are more effective, long-lasting and manageable than the maximum dose. When it comes to psychedelics, microdosing is often defined as subperceptual dosing. That is, a dose that is lower than that which produces noticeable psychedelic effects, but which may have beneficial effects on mental health and well-being.


All information in this article is based on sources and references, and all opinions expressed are my own. I do not give advice to anyone and although I am happy to discuss topics, if anyone has another question or concern they should seek advice from a competent specialist. People who have psychiatric, neurological, or cardiovascular conditions or who use psychiatric medications should avoid microdosing altogether.

It is also important to respect the laws in force in your country.

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