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Delphine Testifies on her Maasai Dog, to use CBD oil

Delphine Testifies on her Maasai Dog, to use CBD oil

My old Maasai dog, adopted from a shelter in the Tarn in 2009, then 1 year and a half old, was the initiator of my project, at the time, of training in the education and behavior of dogs.

It is also with him that I trained as a search dog for people in rubble, then for the pleasure of tracking… I therefore created, largely thanks to him, my company Sens Canin, my logo is his profile.

We had a very strong bond.

massai - canine sense -

Massai expired his last breath on January 9, 2021. A cancerous tumor unfortunately took him away... Crying Emoji U+1F622

This tumor was detected in June 2020, and was manageable until October, when it started to grow, and bother my dog ​​(jaw level).

So I looked for ways, other than allopathic drugs, to relieve it.

I then thought of the benefits of CBD.

I got some from CBDTech , because I found their products interesting, especially for animals, without THC .

So I gave him 2 to 3 times a day CBD drops , it was the 1st time I had used this product, which I had heard of the benefits for relieving pain.

For some time, in addition to the cortisone he was already taking since the diagnosis, I was able to help him with CBD , and maintain normal activity for his old age, without pain , and thus maintain his motivation, his pleasure. to walk at their own pace.

I think it also had an emotionally calming effect .

Then, of course, that was no longer enough, an analgesic drug completed the treatment...

CBD allowed me to give few analgesics , even to stop them at times, to maintain a reasonable dose of cortisone, until the tumor and all its deleterious effects became too important.

Despite everything, he was able to enjoy beautiful and good times with my other dogs, with me, on walks, while being calm, and without too much pain. And that is priceless!

I accompanied him with kindness and all my love until the end...

I recommend this product, which, from my experience with Massaï, seemed to me to be of great help!

I have continued to use it for a few days for my recently operated young Border Collie dog.

Delphine De San Nicolas Espinosa
Professional dog trainer at Sens Canin

canine sense

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