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CBD and Navel? Pechoti, An Ayurveda Method?

CBD and Navel? Pechoti, An Ayurveda Method?

Pechoti is a Sanskrit term meaning "navel". It is the art of Ayurveda to take care of one's navel or center.

Cbd is usually taken orally, or topically, but taking it through the navel, known as the Pechoti method , is becoming an interesting trend for Cbd consumption.

CBD is both a remedy and a dietary supplement. There are also dietary supplements based on CBD such as capsules, patches... Unlike marijuana, cbd, the acronym for cannabidiol, does not contain THC, so it does not give a high.

Why use CBD oil by the navel?

The navel is known to connect major body organs through networks of approximately 72,000 blood vessels behind the navel, and the Pechoti method is a common Ayurvedic practice for applying therapeutic oil in and around the navel.

It is considered to be a very safe mode of dosage and no side effects are known from using the Pechoti method or belly button treatment. However, please consult a qualified healthcare practitioner if you have any concerns regarding the use of these products or methods.

The navel is often a neglected part of our body?

But did you know that the navel represents the beginning of life? It is, of course, the link between the unborn child and its mother in the womb. Ilchi Lee, the founder of many mind and body training methods, was quick to discover that the navel is a focal point for good body, mind and body health.

You might be wondering how the navel is so powerful?

It's all about location, the navel is located near the center of the abdomen and around the center of gravity. It is located above your intestines and major lymph nodes and blood vessels.

And it is close to the vagus nerve, which is responsible for functions in your body related to rest and digestion.

Unlike the rest of your abdomen, there is little to no muscle behind your belly button, making it the sweet spot to access your abdomen.

The rest of your body connects to your navel through fascial trains that intersect right next to it.

It is also the entry point for the main energy center of the lower abdomen. The navel is a very important reflex point that stimulates your whole body.

So how can you use the power of your navel?

The best way is to start lubricating your navel with oil. This is done through a technique called the Pechoti method.

What is the "Péchoti" method?

The Pechoti method is an Ayurvedic medicine that involves applying therapeutic oil in and around the navel to restore balance.

Various oils are commonly used, such as neem oil, olive oil, tea tree oil, castor oil, or the essential oils of peppermint, cypress, clary sage, or of ginger. One of the most modern oils at the moment is CBD oil (cannabidiol oil), which comes from the cannabis plant and not from marijuana which is high in THC.

The Ayurveda pechoti technique focuses on the pechoti gland, located behind the navel. This conceptual gland is located at the end of the umbilical cord in the mother's womb and remains long after the umbilical cord has fallen off after birth.

The Pechoti gland is involved in a combination of over 70 million nerves, tissues and organs throughout the body. Amazing numbers, but yes, the pechoti gland is a very powerful little thing for regaining balance.

By applying oil to the navel;

you can stimulate the Pechot's gland to stimulate well-being and help with many physical and mental illnesses and help find balance. In Ayurvedic practice, Pechoti Ayurvedic Medicine is used to relieve dry skin, joint pain, menstrual cramps and other reproductive and digestive problems, and these are just a few of them.

How to put oil on the navel of the abdomen?

It's simple: gently apply therapeutic cbd ayurveda oil in and around the belly button. You can do this by adding the oil drop by drop or gently applying it with a cotton swab. It is best to leave it for at least 20 minutes.

Your pechoti gland will absorb the oil. When this navel oil absorption takes place, you can feel a physical and mental well being in your body. You can enjoy the benefits of belly button lubrication, such as joint pain relief, stress relief, and gastrointestinal congestion relief.

Try it. The next time you experience stomach pain, muscle aches, or even menstrual cramps, apply some cannabis oil to your belly button and watch your body find relief.

In addition to Pechoti Ayurvedic Medicine, there is another way to increase your healing potential through your navel. Before getting into this technique, ask yourself how often do you massage your navel?

Treatment of the navel after the Pechoti method

Umbilical cord treatment is a one-process, self-healing method that stimulates the umbilical cord to relieve stress and pain and provide health and energy. It is simple and does not require medical knowledge. In fact, the process focuses less on technique and more on thinking.

When massaging your belly button, you should never apply excessive pressure. The right way to do a navel massage is to pay attention to the changes in your body while stimulating the navel. This way, you will gain awareness of painful areas of your body that need relief.

Belly button treatment does so much more when you have the right attitude. You must always approach the technique with a desire to heal. This will release hormones in your brain and body which will then prompt them to heal themselves. Over time, you will free your body of stress and tension, release peace and tranquility, and immerse yourself in the healing energy of life.


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