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Psilocybin for childhood trauma, studies

Psilocybin for childhood trauma, studies

Magic mushrooms, known to contain the psychedelic compound psilocybin, have recently been the subject of a study aimed at exploring their potential as an alternative treatment for childhood trauma. The results of this study, which involved 1,249 participants, suggest that consuming magic mushrooms may have a beneficial effect on people who had adverse childhood experiences.

A promising alternative for childhood trauma

The study , published in the Journal of Psychoactive Drugs, was carried out by researchers from different Canadian universities. They found that psilocybin use was associated with a decreased impact of childhood trauma on individuals' mental well-being. Additionally, participants who consumed magic mushrooms more frequently reported even greater relief from distress.

According to the study authors, there is a dose-response effect, meaning that the greater the exposure to psychedelics, the greater the psychological effect and improvement in psychological well-being.

Study methodology

Since psilocybin treatment is illegal in most countries, the researchers used an online survey to collect data. The aim of the survey was to gauge people's opinions on the use of psilocybin and gather information about their personal experiences.

A total of 1,249 participants over the age of 16 completed the psilocybin survey and a questionnaire about adverse childhood experiences. The researchers then analyzed the data to establish correlations and obtain their results.

The growing acceptance of psilocybin

The survey results also revealed a high level of acceptance and interest in using psilocybin. This increase in interest is partly due to the rise in consumption of magic mushrooms in many countries, particularly in the West.

This has also led to an increase in the number of studies on the effects of magic mushrooms and other psychedelic substances on trauma and other mental health issues.

The potential benefits of psychedelics

Other research has also highlighted the potential benefits of psychedelic substances, like magic mushrooms, in treating various mental health conditions. Some studies have suggested that these substances could help people with ADHD, reduce eating disorders , combat depression or even addictions to alcohol or cigarettes .

These findings add to growing evidence suggesting that psychedelics could play a critical role in the future of mental health care.


The researchers who conducted this study on childhood trauma conclude that psilocybin therapy could be potentially acceptable and beneficial for survivors of adverse childhood experiences, particularly those who experienced more severe adversities.

However, it should be noted that consuming psilocybin outside of a medical setting may lead to adverse experiences, such as psychotic episodes or "bad trips" characterized by anxiety or paranoia.


1. Is the consumption of magic mushrooms legal?
Eating magic mushrooms containing psilocybin is illegal in most countries.

2. What are other potential benefits of psychedelics?
Research suggests that psychedelics, such as magic mushrooms, may have beneficial effects on ADHD, eating disorders, depression, bad habits and biases, as well as sex life.

3. What precautions should be taken when consuming psilocybin?
It is important to note that consuming psilocybin outside of a medical setting can lead to adverse experiences, such as psychotic episodes or "bad trips" characterized by anxiety or paranoia. It is therefore essential to consult a healthcare professional before undertaking any psilocybin therapy.

4. Is psilocybin-assisted therapy widely available?
Psilocybin-assisted therapy is still relatively new and not widely available. However, ongoing research into the beneficial effects of psychedelics may lead to greater acceptance and availability in the future.

5. What are the next steps for research in this area?
Researchers will continue to study the effects of psychedelics, including magic mushrooms, on mental health. The next steps will be to conduct controlled clinical trials to evaluate the effectiveness and safety of psilocybin-assisted therapy in the treatment of childhood trauma and other mental disorders.

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