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CBD: What dosage? How many drops? How many times ?

CBD: What dosage? How many drops? How many times ?

Cannabidiol CBD is known for its benefits on the body, but also for its relaxing and calming properties.

CBD is not considered a medicine, it is difficult to determine what dose is appropriate for a particular person.

You must either contact a real specialist in the field to find out exactly according to your case, or take a generally recommended dosage.

In fact, you should avoid random CBD consumption without following a precise dosage. download our journal to track CBD intake

CBD: dosage calculation?

Usually the recommended amount of CBD to take per day is a few drops.

However, this dose remains very vague and does not take into account certain criteria, namely:

CBD dose calculation according to weight

On the other hand, according to some studies conducted on CBD, the amount of CBD to take per day can be calculated.

Therefore, it is possible to calculate how much CBD a person needs per day based on their weight. Therefore, the calculations are performed as follows:

what dosage cbd
Thus, the amount of CBD that a person should consume is generally related to their weight, and the effect of CBD is assessed by the mass on which it must act.

Example: take a person weighing 70 kg who is new to taking CBD, he will start with the lowest dose, i.e. 15mg/day divided into 2 times. Then increase the dose if the results are not there. Dosage 2 and Dosage 3

There are several ways to determine how much CBD you should take per day, based on different criteria.

how many cbd drops for sleep

how long does cbd stay in urine

Dosage according to your symptoms

In this case, the amount of CBD you should consume per day varies depending on the symptoms you suffer from, whether they are severe or mild.

Start gradually with "microdoses" Dosage 1 on the table, "dosage 2" then "dosage 3", in connection with the different symptoms, and gradually increase the dose each week to find the right one.

Dosage according to your feelings

If you notice a similarity in age and weight between you and someone you know who uses CBD, it is not recommended to take the same dose as them.

In fact, everyone has their own way of reacting to CBD. This is why each body has its own chemical composition and therefore all bodies do not react in the same way.

It is therefore advisable to first determine the amount of CBD to take per day and then increase it gradually.

And paying attention to the changes you feel in your body each time you increase the daily dose of CBD to find the right dose.

CBD: how many times a day?

The consumption of CBD is to be carried out daily, ie. It should be taken 3 times a day, once in the morning, once in the afternoon and once in the evening.

This method allows you to benefit from the constant diffusion of CBD in your body. However, in order to achieve the amount of CBD per day your body needs.

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