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Legal magic truffle | Purchase guide

Legal magic truffle | Purchase guide

Welcome to the Dutch magic truffle buying guide. While globalization has brought many similarities and consensus among the people of the world, there are still many things that make us different. One of these major differences concerns drug laws. When a person enters a new place, they are subject to a whole new set of rules about substance. For example, to Netherlands , it is legal to buy magic truffles to the psilocybin in smartshop..

The market for psychedelics is booming, with more and more start-ups entering the field. CBDTech offers a variety of cannabinoid-related products, but their latest addition is particularly interesting: information on Dutch magic truffles. Although the hallucinogenic truffle is illegal in France and Belgium, it is possible to buy it from one of our partners, where psilocybin is legal. However, it is important to note that these magic truffles are not intended for recreational use, but rather for therapeutic purposes.

The Netherlands is a remarkably welcoming place, let's find out why.

THE The Netherlands are a beautiful flat country in the northwest of Europe. In fact, the country has the highest population density on the continent with 508 people per square kilometer.

Additionally, 60% of the country's territory is technically 5m below sea level, which is why their canal system is so complex and successful. The country is known for its tulips, reflective canals, incredible cycle path system and, for some, its lenient drug laws .

In Hollande , you feel like you're in a fairy tale. The stunning architecture takes some getting used to – especially the incredibly tall and thin buildings that look like they're going to collapse at any moment.

Van Gogh , the Dutch impressionist painter, expresses this feeling perfectly in much of his work. When you enter the Netherlands, you can't help but assume that everyone seems happy.

Bicycles dominate all other modes of transport - in fact, there are more bicycles than people in the Netherlands (22 million compared to 17 million). Cycling habits get people moving, and who can blame them? With such flat surfaces, using a bike has never been easier.

For some tourists, the Netherlands has a different reputation. For decades, the country has been criticized for its lax laws on drugs and even sex. Cannabis and magic truffles are easily available legally in the Netherlands, as is visiting the Red Light District.

Drugs in the Netherlands

Cannabis in Holland:

While much of Europe and the rest of the world banned cannabis and psilocybin in the 1900s, the Netherlands did not. Geographically, the Netherlands has always been a key trading post, with its maritime connections to much of the world.

In the 1970s, the country was known for its large quantities of various varieties of cannabis – some from Afghanistan and Morocco, and others from Mexico and Thailand. They were the center. At that time, the government decided to divide drugs into two categories: soft and hard .

It was their way of identifying substances that deserved serious attention. Cannabis , in turn, is placed in the mild category. As such, it is a decriminalized substance.

As long as coffeeshops follow certain rules, they can sell cannabis products to the public. You will notice that purchasing alcohol in these establishments is still prohibited as this is one of their strict laws. There are around 400 coffee shops in the Netherlands and the government earns around 400 million euros per year from cannabis sales.

Legal Psychedelics in the Netherlands:

While the coffee shop culture is very widespread in the Netherlands, there are also smartshops . This is a place where you can buy psychedelic magic truffles , the number of these places is around 40.

Interestingly, psychedelics are illegal in the country. This opens another confusing conversation related to drug use in the Netherlands.

How can magic truffles be legal but magic mushrooms are not? Well, although both substances contain active compounds - such as psilocybin, psilocin and beocystin - they are still technically different psychedelics.

The main difference is how they are grown. Mushrooms grow above ground while truffles grow underground . It also changes their appearance, with mushrooms having long white stems and brown heads, and truffles being small, dark and rough.

Truffles are actually the mushroom's reserves - they live underneath the mushroom as food and nutrients. They don't grow towards the sun like mushrooms.

Truffles are the sclerotia of mushrooms with psilocybin. Simply put, a truffle is the underground part of a mushroom. Mushrooms and truffles contain the psychedelic compound psilocybin and offer the same experience.

However, this does not mean that truffles are any less potent than mushrooms. So the question remains: how can these things be legal?

Well, a reason emerged in 2008, after the sad death of a young girl who jumped out of a window while under the influence of magic mushrooms.

The Dutch government proposed the ban in April, citing the dangerous behavioral effects of magic mushrooms following the death of a French teenager who jumped from a bridge in Amsterdam in 2007 after consuming hallucinogenic mushrooms.

While this may seem like the beginning of the end for all psychedelics, it was actually the beginning. After this event, Dutch authorities cracked down hard on magic mushrooms, but left a loophole for a substance that contains almost the same ingredients but is not technically defined as a mushroom: the magic truffle .

Where to buy magic truffles

The magic truffles are sold in small boxes in one of 40 stores in the Netherlands. You are most likely to find one in the capital of Amsterdam. There are three smartshops in the Leidseplein district - Magic Mushroom Gallery, Tatanka and When Nature Calls.

If you cannot travel to the capital, you can order from our trusted partner MICRODOSE who offers delivery throughout Europe with a 100% delivery guarantee

You will usually be able to buy a box of truffles - which contains 6-12 grams - for around €15-30. It is often advisable to start with a 6g box to see how you react and then progress gradually. If you are more experienced, a larger quantity may be appropriate. A common idea is to buy a box and take them to Vondelpark on a sunny day and watch the Dutch world go by.

The power of magic truffles

Don't trust the legitimacy of magic truffles. Just because they're legal doesn't mean they're weak.

The journey you have with these things is pretty much the same as you would have with mushrooms. It will last approximately 4-6 hours and may take 30 minutes to 1 hour to start working.

The effect is also pretty much the same, depending on which truffles you consume. You can expect to laugh, feel warm, experience more intense colors and, in some cases, powerful visual effects.

Final Thoughts

Magic truffles are part of the drug tourism culture that surrounds the Netherlands, but these substances - like cannabis - should be treated with respect and knowledge.

It's great that the Netherlands is open to drugs, but that could easily change if tourists continue to take advantage of them. During the last years,

Dutch authorities are threatening to close many of these coffeeshops and smartshops to end the dangers and violations that drug tourism brings to the Netherlands.

Hopefully the country can remain as it is - a glimmer of optimism that shines on other nations wishing to one day have a more welcoming approach to drug use.

Either way, if you're ever in or around the Netherlands, be sure to try these magical truffles for yourself.

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