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Psilocibin Microdosing Protocols | Ultimate Guide

Psilocibin Microdosing Protocols | Ultimate Guide

Psilocibin microdosing is increasingly recognized around the world for its real benefits in many areas such as depression, addiction... Many talk about its benefits, while others use it discreetly. Some still feel a little nervous and insecure.

For those who are more hesitant, it is necessary to understand exactly its effects and the exact dosage routine. Unfortunately, microdosing is a little more subjective than you might think.

Microdosing Protocols: The Ultimate Guide

I often hear that dosage is everything, and that couldn't be truer when it comes to psychoactive substances.

Microdosing is a term used for psychedelic compounds like LSD or psilocybin at a dosage that doesn't get you "high".

The ideal amount of dosage, depends on each person and can also vary depending on current life circumstances, also called sweet spot "ideal dose"

It is constantly debated what exactly does a "sweet spot" feel like? Just as important is microdosing frequency?

Types of microdosing procedures vary in frequency and complexity.

In this article, we will present 7 different microdosing protocols , some of which you may not have heard of yet.

What is a microdosing protocol?

A microdosing protocol is a pre-determined schedule of taking sub-threshold doses (not to get high) of psychedelics to enhance well-being, creativity, or performance.

To qualify as a microdose, it must be as low as one-tenth or one-twentieth of the full or even recreational dose .

There are several types of microdosing protocols. Each of them requires a different skill level.

  • The Fadiman protocol is ideal for beginners.
  • Stamets ' protocol combines psilocybin withlion's mane and niacin (for more advanced microdosers).
  • The Microdose Pro protocol includes specific days of the week.
  • The intuitive protocol is for those who feel very comfortable in their sweet spot .
  • The Nightcap Protocol is for those who prefer to take microdoses at night before bed.
  • The Asha Sultana protocol combines saffron with psilocybin to improve mood.

Other protocols with functional mushrooms for additional general well-being.

We'll tell you all of them below. So grab a tasty drink and make yourself comfortable as we dive in.

1. The Fadiman Protocol

It is the most famous microdosing protocol and has been developed by microdosers all over the world.

James Fadiman is a household name and a pioneer in the psychedelic industry. The story goes that in 1961, Ram Dass offered him magic mushrooms in a Parisian café.

Just six years later, Fadiman became the youngest researcher at the International Foundation for Advanced Studies IFAS, a rather neutral name for a privately funded center for the study of psychedelic drugs.

Despite the Food and Drug Administration knocking on his door and handing him court documents, Fadiman continues to persevere. It set out to collect data from more than 400 microdistributors in 59 countries. These emailed reports represent the largest non-clinical microdosing study available to date.

Hundreds of anecdotal user reports helped create what we now call the Fadiman Protocol, and it looks like this.

What is the timeline for the Fadiman Protocol?

Fadiman's protocol is to microdose on days one and four. It will look like this:

Microdosing Protocols: Facts About Microdosing Every Day | DoubleBlind Mag

Day 1: First day of microdosing
Day 2: Day OFF
Day 3: Day OFF
Day 4: Second day of microdosing

Repeat for 4-8 weeks, then take a 2-4 week break.

The table above assumes that you are already familiar with the "ideal dosage" sweet spot. The correct dose, plus enough time between microdosing days, is where the magic happens.

It is also important to ensure that there are at least two days between doses.

The first day after microdosing is what some call the “after shower” day. A time when the remnants of the previous dose of psilocybin still linger.

The second day after microdosing is what we call a "normal" day. This is when your system restores itself to your unique level of homeostasis.

The Fadiman Protocol is affordable, measured, and an ideal routine for anyone new to microdosing, we often use the term Beginner's Protocol to emphasize that this is one of the best microdosing protocols to start your journey.

This protocol ensures that there is a sufficiently long pause between doses to allow contrast between normal days and microdosing days. This is extremely important in understanding the benefits of microdosing in your life.

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Morning Shine makes microdosing easier and more fun!

Just put the truffles in the tea bag and make yourself a morning herbal tea with microdoses. This blend is perfect for starting your day alone or for making a micro-dose tea for a group of people, such as at the office, yoga studio, or at a social event.

The ingredients in this tea have been carefully selected to complement the active components of psilocybin truffles, which improve focus, energy and mood. This tea is also ideal for those who do not like the taste of truffles.

Blended with: Organic Assam Black Tea, Vanilla, Indian Tea, Lemongrass, Lion's Mane , Ginseng , 5-HTP and Niacin
Flavor: Vanilla tea
Effects: Focus, energy, mood enhancement
Truffles are not included
Disposable. One tea bag can provide you with around 3 liters of tea.

2. The Stamets Protocol

The second most well-known microdosing protocol is the Stamets protocol.

This protocol is more intense and for some less comfortable than the Fadiman protocol. It includes a combination of truffles with psilocybin, a nootropic functional mushroom, as well as an essential vitamin.

Microdosing Protocols: Facts About Microdosing Every Day | DoubleBlind Mag

Paul Stamets is Netflix's famous mycologist. His appearances on Joe Rogan's show and the recently released documentary Fantastic Mushrooms are quickly making him a household name.

Her personal history with psychedelics is completely fascinating and likely contributed to her specific microdosing protocol. First of all, this protocol is intended for intermediate and advanced microdosers and is not ideal for beginners.

The Stamets protocol includes more than a mushroom as well as an essential B vitamin. The combination of several compounds is called a " stack ".

This protocol consists of combining the consumption of psilocybin (in the form of mushrooms or truffles), lion's mane (non-psychoactive) and niacin (vitamin B3).

Stamets hypothesizes that this particular " stack " of supplements may have a number of potential positive effects on the brain and our brain health.

The theory is that the potential effects primarily involve the creation of new neurons ( neurogenesis ), new neural pathways, and even the repair of existing neurological damage.

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Why was niacin added to the stack?

Niacin (Vitamin B3) has been added to the stack to increase the availability of the mushroom's active compounds throughout our bodies.

Niacin opens blood vessels and therefore has the ability to stimulate the peripheral nervous system, potentially extending the nootropic benefits of other supplements.

This opening of blood vessels is called flushing. It is a reddening of the skin, itching and/or a burning sensation that begins 10 to 20 minutes after the start of the protocol and generally lasts a maximum of 40 minutes. This is an important part of practice and should not be avoided.

The niacin " flush " is not a comfortable experience, but it dissipates within an hour of onset. Again, this is a more advanced protocol, please consult a physician before proceeding.

The "Flush" rinse helps improve blood circulation and stimulates the dilation of small blood vessels. Niacin is the delivery mechanism that ensures that the beneficial properties of mushrooms are absorbed throughout the brain and body, and are not limited to absorption in the central nervous system.

Since the Stamets Stacking Protocol is more intensive than regular microdosing protocols, it should not exceed one month. A two to four week reset period (no psilocybin, no niacin) is strongly recommended afterward.

What is the timeline for the Stamets protocol?

The Stamets protocol consists of four days on and three days off. It will look like this:

Microdosing Protocols: Facts About Microdosing Every Day | DoubleBlind Mag

Day 1: Microdose truffles + lion's mane + niacin
Day 2: Microdose truffles + lion's mane + niacin
Day 3: Microdosed truffles + lion's mane + niacin
Day 4: Microdosed truffles + lion's mane + niacin
Day 5: lion's mane
Day 6: lion's mane
Day 7: lion's mane

Important : Truffles and lion's mane are generally consumed in the morning on an empty stomach. Then, 20 minutes later, vitamin B3 niacin is taken.

Taking these substances in stages ensures that the mushrooms are already part of the digestive process and the niacin can work its magic.

Repeat this cycle for up to one month . It is recommended to take at least a two to four week break after completing a one month cycle.

As can be seen in the table above, Lion's Mane 'Lion's Mane' can also be consumed on weekends.

Stamets Protocol Dosing Guidelines:

According to the Stamets protocol, based on a 70 kg person, the following doses are indicated:

  • Psilocybin truffles: 0.5 - 1 gram
  • Lion's Mane Erinacins/Hericinones: 50 - 200 mg
  • Wait 20 minutes then...
  • Niacin: 100 - 200 mg (stacking, see below)

Discover our perfect Neurogenesis Pack for this protocol here:

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3. Microdose Pro Protocol

This microdosing protocol was created by neuropsychologist Jai Baaten and introduced during group coaching sessions. The Microdose Pro protocol is similar to the Fadiman protocol, but in this case the days of the week are defined and predefined.

The main disadvantage of the Fadiman protocol is that a microdosing cycle consists of three days (1 day on, 2 days off), which means that if you start the protocol on Monday, the following week you will start on Wednesday . This can make it a bit confusing.

With the Microdose Pro protocol, you can choose to microdose only on Mondays and Thursdays. These days are not evenly distributed due to the odd number of days in the week.

In this case, some prefer to choose the days of the week in advance for the sake of planning and consistency. It's easier to remember if it's a microdose day or not with the Microdose Pro protocol .

microdosing coaching

4. Intuitive Protocol

By definition, this protocol is defined solely by you and is therefore adapted to your specific needs. You decide when to microdose and use your intuition as a guide.

The Intuitive Protocol has only one rule: you always leave at least one day between microdose days.

People who have been on a microdosing protocol for a cycle or two tend to naturally transition to a more intuitive microdosing method.

After a few cycles of the Fadiman protocol, many microdosing users find that they naturally transition to a more intuitive approach. Over time, we learn to notice how we feel and when is the right time to microdose.

The example I often use is that if I tend to forget my microdose, I probably don't need it.

If I find myself looking for her and looking for her, then it's probably a good time to start over. Any microdosing protocol by definition means that there are rest periods in between.

5. Night protocol

The " Nightcap" protocol is for those who prefer to take microdoses of psilocybin just before bed.

The overnight dosing protocol can apply to the Fadiman protocol or any other protocol in theory. The dosing days remain the same, except the dosing time is right before bedtime instead of first thing in the morning.

The difference between microdosing at night and not in the morning is that we experience five different brain waves during the day.

Our brain enters a theta wave state just before we fall asleep and just before we wake up and are fully awake again.

Theta is also the state of our brain when we almost automatically go to a familiar place, but don't remember exactly how we got there.

Optimizing this brain wave state through the neuroplastic properties of psilocybin can be profoundly beneficial.

So far, the benefits of microdosing just before bedtime have been based on anecdotal reports, as there is currently not enough research.

Microdosing users report a significant improvement in sleep quality, waking up feeling refreshed and bright while avoiding the mild nausea that some may experience when microdosing psilocybin.

6. The spice protocol

The Asha Sultana microdose protocol. It's the addition of cooking spices to the psilocybin microdosing protocol.

Saffron acts on 5HTP receptors and can be a great mood-enhancing supplement.

A 2018 medical study found that:

"One of the most established findings regarding the benefits of saffron is its antidepressant activity. Clinical trials have been conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of saffron in mild to moderate depression. Studies have reported that saffron is more effective than placebo and at least equivalent to the therapeutic doses of imipramine and fluoxetine."

Eating a few microdosed saffron strands in the morning can potentially boost your mood in quite a surprising way.

How to add saffron to your microdosing protocol? Combine it with the Fadiman protocol or the intuitive protocol.

Whether you microdose every third day like the Fadiman protocol, or microdose on certain days of the week, saffron is a great addition to either protocol.

Saffron can be found at any grocery store and only a few strands are needed. It can be chewed, but if the taste is too bitter, it can be added to drinks/creams...

7. Functional Mushroom Array Protocols

Along with the Stamets stack , more and more people are adding other functional mushrooms to their microdosing routine.

Instead of just stacking with lion's mane when we do the Stamets protocol, here we also combine mushrooms like chaga , reishi , and/or cordyceps with psilocybin.

There is a synergy that becomes available when mushrooms are combined. Our bodies welcome their potentially healing compounds and work together seamlessly.

Chaga, Reishi, Cordyceps, and Lion's Mane have such specific yet overlapping potential effects that adding them while taking psilocybin can be a great ally for optimal health.

What do mushroom functional array protocols look like?

Functional mushrooms can be taken daily without interruption, 7 days a week, and are applicable to all protocols selected from the list above.

Based on our belief in the benefits of combining Functional Mushrooms with Psilocybin, we have created our own Mushroom Essentials Complex. A product that combines Chaga, Reishi, Cordyceps and Lion's Mane in convenient capsules.

Check out our Mushroom Essentials Complex here .

mushroom complex

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In conclusion :

Whichever microdosing protocol you decide to try, remember to be measured, consistent, and careful. Take small doses with sufficient breaks and monitor your progress at all times.

The data you collect about yourself will be your most accurate compass in the future. It will let you know if you need a break or if it's time to completely change the frequency of your microdosing routine.

To help you stay on track, we've created a logging template in Notion.

Download the Notion mobile app on iOS or Android.

Microdose Journal template to download:

All information in this article is based on sources and references, and all opinions expressed are my own. I do not give advice to anyone and although I am happy to discuss topics, if anyone has another question or concern they should seek advice from a competent specialist. People who have psychiatric, neurological, or cardiovascular conditions or who use psychiatric medications should avoid microdosing altogether.

It is also important to respect the laws in force in your country.

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