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Stress and Chest Pain, Can CBD Help?

Stress and Chest Pain, Can CBD Help?

Chest pain is sometimes a symptom of anxiety . Chest pain, which is often the result of a panic attack or an overreaction, is a cause for concern because of the possible link to heart attacks and other heart problems.

If you suffer from frequent anxiety, learning to understand chest pain can help relieve your symptoms and determine when you need additional medical attention.

Chest tightness and stress, what to do?

Anxiety symptoms are rarely the same in different people. Some days the symptoms are not even the same.

Anxiety manifests in different ways, making it difficult to spot and understand the symptoms.

In some people, chest pain may come on gradually. For others, the pain may be sudden and unexpected.

Symptoms of anxious chest pain can be:

  • sharp, stabbing pain
  • constant chest pain
  • unusual muscle twitching or chest spasms
  • burning, tingling, or dull pain
  • chest tightness or pressure

If you haven't had a history of chest pain with anxiety, you might be worried. Many people assume they are having a heart attack and go to the hospital emergency department to be diagnosed.

According to a 2018 study , about 25-50% of patients who go to the emergency room for low-risk chest pain (chest pain that is not associated with a heart attack) experience moderate to severe anxiety.

If you go to a hospital emergency department and doctors can't find a specific cause for your chest pain, consider talking to your doctor about other possible causes, including anxiety and stress .

Chest tightness, the cause?

When you are worried, your body can and often reacts physically, for example by sweating or getting short of breath.

When you worry, your brain and body trigger an immediate stress response. This includes physiological change. Your body may tighten up or become tense.

A state of stress can be psychological or emotional. You may become aggressive or angry more easily.

These reactions are called fight or flight reactions. When you're stressed or anxious, your body prepares for a fight or flight.

Also, at an even more stressful time, your heart rate may increase. This, combined with tight chest muscles, can cause you to feel unusual pain.

Stress and Chest Pain, Remedy?

If you're feeling restless, there are simple techniques you can try. These techniques may not work every time, but they are a good start when you need help managing your anxiety.

Here are some simple tips to help you relax during stress and chest tightness:

  • Practice deep breathing

Deep, focused breathing can calm your mind and body. Find a quiet room or place and inhale for a count of 10, hold for a second, then exhale for a count of 10. Repeat this several times when you feel your heart rate drop.

  • Overview of the situation

Acknowledge your anxiety, accept it, and try to put it into perspective.

  • Feeling stressed about what you can't control?

Are you afraid of an unlikely outcome? Are you afraid of a situation whose outcome you cannot control? Talk about your feelings to find their source, then try to put them into perspective.

  • Imagine a beautiful moment
If you feel anxious, try to visualize a place that immediately calms you down. This can be especially helpful if you're feeling anxious about a situation you can't avoid, such as a stressful encounter. Practice deep breathing while visualizing this place.

  • Use a relaxation app

Anxiety smartphone apps can guide you to stress reduction techniques and exercises. There are also meditation apps that can help calm your mind when you're feeling anxious. Many of these apps are free, so you can try a few to find the right one for you.

  • Be active in your physical health

Do you take good care of your body? Are you getting enough sleep? Are you eating well? Taking care of your body is also taking care of your mind. Although it won't help relieve anxious chest pain, it may help reduce the risk of anxiety and future chest pain.

  • See a doctor or therapist

If your anxiety and chest pain is severe or chronic, you may need to see a therapist. They can tell you about situations that cause anxiety and share coping techniques.

These techniques may not come naturally to you if you are often anxious. This is where a medical professional can help you.

  • To help you manage anxiety, our anti-stress CBD formula!
Suffering from chest pain due to stress and anxiety is not inevitable. in most cases the stress can be leveled off in order to return to a so-called normal state. But you can also relieve your anxiety problems thanks to the anti-stress CBD oil specially formulated to reduce your stress and thus reduce your tensions, moreover this elixir has no side effects.

Conclusion :

CBD can help you reduce your anxiety in addition to your current treatment or techniques given in this article.
These tips will allow you to better manage the symptoms of chest pain to find a healthier and more serene life.

  • bonjour, merci pour votre message, les douleurs thoraciques peuvent être causées par différentes pathologies , avant toutes choses ils est mieux d’en parler à son médecin afin d’écarter toutes maladies, ensuite si il est déterminé que les douleurs sont causées par le stress, il est préférable de prendre du cbd en huile ou gélule, plutôt qu’en tisane, pour une meilleure efficacité…

    fabien - cbdtech on
  • Bonjour je prend de la tisane pour dormir de cbd pour le stress esque cela est bien car j’ai mal au thorax on

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