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Nootropic and CBD | How it works ?

Nootropic and CBD | How it works ?

Adaptogens or nootropics are herbs and fungi that have the ability to support the adrenal glands and regulate hormonal balance, helping to manage stress . In this article, we'll explore the benefits of adaptogens and how they can help boost immunity , memory functions, and sleep cycles, while reducing inflammation . We'll also cover some of the more well-known nootropics and adaptogens, such as ginseng, saffron, rhodiola, and medicinal mushrooms such as maitake and cordyceps. Even CBD is known to have adaptogenic effects as well .

What is a Nootropic or Adaptogen?

Nootropics and adaptogens are terms often used in the world of health and wellness, but they have different meanings.

Nootropics are substances that improve cognitive performance , including memory, attention, and creativity. These can be drugs, herbs, supplements and other substances.

Adaptogens are plants, spices, herbs, or mushrooms that help the body deal with stress by supporting the adrenal glands and regulating hormone levels. They have an anti-fatigue effect that improves attention and cognitive function, even in times of mental exhaustion and stress . They may also have a positive effect on immunity , brain health, and sleep cycles, while reducing inflammation. Adaptogens work constantly to regulate systems to calm or recharge the body as needed hence their name adaptogens.

What exactly are nootropics?

The term "nootropics" or "smart drugs" refers to brain supplements capable of improving cognitive functions such as short and long-term memory, learning speed, decision-making, performance and neurogenesis.

In other words, nootropics are substances that can improve brain performance. This can be beneficial for students who want to improve their memory and learning ability, professionals who need to stay focused for long periods of time, or anyone who wants to improve their cognitive functions.

What exactly are Adaptogens?

Adaptogens are natural substances that help the body adapt to stressful conditions and situations. These plants and mushrooms have an efficacy that helps regulate the nervous system , reduce inflammation , strengthen the immune system and increase cognitive abilities . Adaptogens are true allies in helping your body cope better with stress, whether physical or mental.

Adaptogenic plants are attributed to a Russian toxicologist, Nicolaï Lazarev, who sought to detail the capacities of plants such as ginseng, rhodiola, bacopa monnieri...

Some of the best-known adaptogenic herbs include ashwagandha , panax ginseng , rhodiola , maca , and eleutherococcus . Each of these herbs has unique properties that can help improve different aspects of your mental and physical health. For example, ashwagandha can help reduce anxiety and stress, while ginseng has an action that can help improve physical and mental endurance.

Adaptogenic mushrooms are also popular. Reishi , cordyceps , and chaga are some of the most widely used adaptogenic mushrooms. These naturally sourced mushrooms have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties and can help boost the immune system and improve concentration.

Adaptogenic herbs list:

adaptogenic plants

What are the benefits of CBD oil?

benefits of cbd

CBD used in Herbal Medicine interacts with the body's endocannabinoid system , which is responsible for regulating bodily functions such as appetite, mood, sleep, and immunity.

CBD is not a mind-altering substance, which means consumers can experience medical benefits without a sluggish state of the body.

Like adaptogens, CBD helps maintain homeostasis in the body. It can help increase focus and clarity, or have a relaxing effect.

CBD oil from herbal medicine can help provide many health benefits, including reduced anxiety, restful sleep , lower blood pressure, and relief from eye pain and inflammation. ' organism.

Why take CBD with adaptogens or nootropics?

CBD and adaptogens are two natural solutions that can help relieve stress and improve blood circulation and mental health . Although CBD is not an official adaptogen, it shares many benefits with these plants and can therefore be combined to potentiate their effect.

By combining CBD with adaptogens , you can maximize the relaxing and anxiolytic effects of both, for a more powerful result than if you took them alone. Imagine fighting stress and anxiety while improving your focus, memory, and cognitive abilities with a combination of CBD and adaptogens.

It is a natural, plant-based, safe and effective solution to improve your mental health and your overall well-being. So why not try this winning combination today and feel the amazing benefits it can bring to your life?

How to take Adaptogens or Nootropics?

Unfortunately, most people cannot take herbal or mushroom products because their tastes are very unpleasant.

Fortunately, there are powdered adaptogens that can be added to smoothies, cereals and other foods for maximum flavor. They are also available in capsule form for ease of taking and easily measuring the amount needed for optimal effectiveness.

There are synergistic blends of adaptogens that contain CBD

We offer formulas designed by doctors in pharmacy based on plants or mushrooms to soothe your stress.

After a year of research and development, the products are available for sale, offering an effective and promising blend of herbal adaptogens and CBD. Powerful active ingredients recognized for their relaxing and anti-inflammatory properties.

Our latest novelties are the capsules with adaptogens / nootropics, these capsules are formulated to guarantee an exact formulation according to the targeted pathology.

Adaptogenic mushrooms and weight loss

Adaptogenic mushrooms combined with CBD are a winning combination for those looking to lose weight the natural way. There are many advantages:

  • Metabolic regulation: Adaptogenic mushrooms such as reishi and cordyceps have properties that help regulate metabolism, which may aid weight loss.

  • Reduces stress: CBD is known for its anti-stress properties, which help reduce cortisol levels in the body. Cortisol is a stress hormone that can lead to weight gain.

  • Improves digestion: Certain adaptogenic mushrooms can improve digestion and help maintain a healthy digestive system. This can be beneficial for those trying to lose weight.

  • Immune booster: Adaptogenic mushrooms are also known for their ability to boost our immunity.

What are the adaptogenic plants with relaxing and anti-inflammatory properties?

Adaptogenic plants are true allies for our mental and physical well-being. They help us better resist stress, fatigue and anxiety. And if you are looking for adaptogenic plants with relaxing and anti-inflammatory properties,

there are several that might interest you:

Rhodiola :

this adaptogenic plant helps in the management of anti-stress and will help regulate mood and also promote the production of melatonin to thus promote sleep, rhodiola creating a synergistic action is really very interesting with the dietary supplement CBD + rhodiola.

CBD, being part of medicinal plants, will therefore bring a regulation to the level of stress and anxiety to be able to promote sleep.


helps stimulate concentration and memory, an action that combats physical and intellectual fatigue, or can help convalescents regain strength.


This adaptogenic plant stimulates and facilitates good digestive activity by stimulating the liver and helps fight fatigue.

Lemon balm :

this adaptogenic plant known since ancient Greece as a medicinal herb and mainly used for its effects against stress and fatigue, insomnia and digestive problems.


has been known for its antispasmodic, calming and sedative powers since ancient times. This adaptogenic plant is also its beneficial effects on sleep and anxiety.

Herbal Adaptogens, Nootropics, and CBD FAQs

What is stress ?

Stress is a natural reaction of the body, but it can be occasional or chronic. Chronic stress can have very significant impacts on quality of life and on pathological disturbances, such as anxiety and adverse effects on sleep.

How many hours of sleep to sleep well?

It depends on the person, but in general, it is recommended to sleep between 6 to 8 hours per night. Sleep is essential for health and quality of life.

Why can sleep be disturbed?

Sleep can be disturbed by physical pain or by psychological problems such as stress, anxiety or torment.

Why use CBD to get back to sleep?

CBD is an herbal remedy that can help regulate sleep and stress by increasing levels of the happiness hormone "anandamide" and reducing the stress hormone. CBD oils are edible and can be used to help cope with various everyday concerns, such as stress, sleep or pain perception.

Is Hemp CBD legal?

CBD is a molecule that comes from hemp and is completely safe, with no side effects. CBD is legal in many countries, but you should check the laws and regulations in your country before using it. Hemp is also legal for animals and safe even for a horse.








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